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Every other month, the folks at Arnzen Arms put on some sort of store event designed to give customers a new reason, other than the typical browsing, to drop by the store in Eden Prairie, Minn. These events, promoted through an email list and on local radio, often revolve around a manufacturer like GLOCK or SIG SAUER. But in March, they set up a competition expo — a day for customers to come in and learn more about action shooting sports with a heavy emphasis on handguns.

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Good, Better, Best

Regardless of your store’s location, you likely have clientele that will gravitate toward premium or high-end items. Luxury vehicles, expensive watches, designer handbags and feature-packed off-road vehicles represent just some of the purchases this consumer habitually makes. When it comes to the shooting sports, some of your customers are more likely to seek out premium options — often willing to spend more on top-of-the-line products to achieve their shooting or hunting objectives. Additionally, you’ll also have customers who want to upgrade their firearms.

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