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Color Me GONE


“Bye-bye, Back Blast. So long, Shooting Industry. Color me GONE.” That’s the email I sent The Big Cheese Publisher, Russ

Lighten Up!


Adding a LaserMax Weaponlight to a Glock 43 might the easiest way to light up not only what you’re aiming

Strength In Handguns


Dealers Identify And Respond To Trends Shaping Handgun Sales. Dealers are accustomed to making adjustments when it comes to shifts

High-Tech Sales Pitch


New, Innovative Products Build Up Customer Intrigue. Consumers continue to have a love affair with high-tech gadgets and gizmos. Firearms

Handgun Accessories For All


Use Point-Of-Sale Connection For Additional Profits. Competition among firearms dealers is fierce, especially with the well-documented “race to the bottom”