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Hitting On All Eight


Industry Raises $71,650 For Shooting Sports Through Claythorne Caper. Over 300 industry professionals put on the Ritz at the 13th

High-Tech Sales Pitch


New, Innovative Products Build Up Customer Intrigue. Consumers continue to have a love affair with high-tech gadgets and gizmos. Firearms

Handgun Accessories For All


Use Point-Of-Sale Connection For Additional Profits. Competition among firearms dealers is fierce, especially with the well-documented “race to the bottom”

One-Shot Trill


Capitalize On Love Of Tradition In The Muzzleloading Market. Black-powder aficionados have long been an interesting segment of the firearms

Accentuate The Positive


Selling Hunting In A Changing Market. As independent firearms retailers prepare for the coming fall hunting season in their respective

Focus: Hunting Market


Hunters Spend $40 Billion Annually, $8 Billion On Firearms, Ammo & Accessories. Defining a topic as broad as the “hunting