Leapers, Inc.

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Leapers, Inc.
32700 Capitol Street , Livonia MI 48150-1742
734-542-7095 fax


UTG Huntress Sporting Vest
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2015
Article: Arms & The Woman

Mossberg's .308 Win ATR Night Train, that is
Issue: GUNS Magazine August 2013
Article: Out of the Box

New Products
Issue: GUNS Magazine July 2012
Article: Compact Laser and Flashlight Combo

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest
Issue: American COP June 2012
Article: Spotlight

L.E. Tactical Vest
Issue: Shooting Industry May 2012
Article: 2012 New Product Showcase: Law Enforcement & Tactical

Issue: American COP November/December 2010
Article: SCP2-UM3124AOMDL

Issue: American Handgunner November/December 2010
Article: UTG Flashlight Foregrip