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Mitchell's Mausers
PO Box 9295 , Fountain Valley CA 92728
714-848-7208 fax


The Mitchell PPSh 41/22
Issue: GUNS Magazine February 2014
Article: Out of the Box

It's Rimfire Time Again
Issue: GUNS Magazine January 2014
Article: Rimfires

A Hero of WWII
Issue: GUNS Magazine January 2014
Article: The Scoped Mosin-Nagant M91/30

Issue: GUNS Magazine October 2012
Article: Montana Musings

Gun of the Month
Issue: GUNS Magazine April 2012
Article: PPS50/22

Issue: American Handgunner January/February 2012
Article: Spotlight

Rimfires: Varmints Beware!
Issue: GUNS Magazine January 2012
Article: Black Lightning

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