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Shooting Industry’s New Product section is designed to help dealers increase sales by highlighting the latest products to hit the market from a variety of manufacturers.

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New Advancements Continue To Drive Interest In This Market

By Jazz Jimenez & Jade Moldé

Encompassing an entire wing at the SHOT Show, as well as having a presence throughout the show floor, the Law Enforcement & Tactical section had bustling aisles and received lots of attention from dealers, military buyers and law enforcement agencies alike. As you already know, this market continues to be a profitable category for dealers, especially with the number of high-tech products on the market. Some of your tactical customers will always want the “latest and greatest” products, and will look to your store for these new, innovative firearms and accessories. Here, you’ll find over 30 products introduced at the 2016 SHOT Show that will appeal to your law enforcement and tactical customers.


Alchemist Ammunition

(706) 426-1777

Z-CLEAN from Alchemist Ammunition is an effective, lead-free line of ammunition. With a 100 percent zinc projectile and nontoxic primer, it completely eliminates a shooter’s exposure to harmful substances. Z-CLEAN is currently available in all pistol calibers ranging from .380 Auto to .45 ACP.


Bad Boy Buggies

(800) 774-3946

The Onslaught 550 4×4 from Bad Boy is a mid-size four-wheel ATV. It features independent double A-arm front and rear suspension to enhance rider comfort as well as handling and maneuverability. Twelve inches of ground clearance allows Onslaught to move over terrain freely and easily. A liquid-cooled 503cc-engine with electronic fuel injection delivers the 4×4 power for off-road rides or chores. The Onslaught is available in black or olive green. It comes in two models: the 550 4×4 EFI and the 550 4×4 EFI EPS (with electronic power steering).


ELEY Ammunition

(406) 314-4456

ELEY expands its ammunition line for 2016 by introducing the ELEY High Velocity Hollow. The .22LR round is guaranteed to deliver a lethal blow to any small game. It is ideal for hunters who want maximum velocity without compromising accuracy. The round builds on the success of the ELEY Subsonic Hollow, a quiet but accurate .22LR hollow point also for small game. Other offerings from ELEY include the ELEY Force and ELEY Contact. Both are semi-automatic rounds.



(866) 451-1726

MantisX is a small device that attaches to the front rail of a pistol and pairs over bluetooth with an app on both iOS and Android. It detects each shot made, analyzes the movement of the firearm during the trigger pull and gives a score to each shot if you deviate from the aiming position or a pat on the back if you did good. It provides immediate feedback and stores trending data so users can also get feedback over time to track their progress.


Laser Ammo USA Inc.

(866) 223-9388

Federal Premium has added two Tactical Ballistic Tip loads in .223 Rem. and .308 Win. to its line of LE Tactical TRU rifle loads. The bullet’s polymer tip contributes to accuracy while the tapered jacket allows rapid, yet controlled, expansion on impact. Like all ammunition in the Tactical TRU line, the new loads are designed for semi-automatic rifles, including M-16 or MSR variants. The ammunition is built to military specifications and uses low-flash propellants, brass and crimped primers.


Merkel Arms

(205) 655-8299

The Merkel 40E is a field-grade, side-by-side shotgun. It is designed to be functional and reliable for use in the hunting fields. The 40E shotgun is perfectly balanced when swinging and boasts of precision hand fitting by traditional German craftsmen. It features an Anson & Deeley box-lock action with a Greener cross-bolt locking mechanism and double under-lump locking lugs. The 40E’s 28-inch barrel is cold-hammer-forged, cold blued and polished. barreled action, reduces movement as well as felt recoil and provides control and accuracy.


Bond Arms Inc.

(817) 573-4445

Bond Arms’ Patriot has a stainless steel double-barrel and frame. Its extended rosewood grips are laser-etched with the American flag and bald eagle. Chambered in .45 Colt and 2.5-inch .410 shotshells, the Patriot features an automatic spent casing extractor and a removable trigger guard. It has a 3-inch barrel and an overall length of 5 inches. All Bond Arms handguns are compatible with 36 different available barrels.


Rattlesnake Ammunition

(585) 272-5420

Rattlesnake Ammunition 9mm SFR (Same Felt Recoil) allows shooters to experience the same velocity and recoil they would in an actual self-defense situation. It is designed to shoot with similar felt recoil when using top hollowpoint ammunition so shooters can train realistically. As an added benefit, Rattlesnake SFR uses a total metal jacket projectile with a fully plated base. This reduces lead exposure to the shooter over ammunition loaded with standard FMJ bullets.


Black Widow Shooters Supply

(562) 602-0080

Meet the latest addition to the Trim-It line. The Trim-It Bench-mount Motor works great with both versions of the Trim-It and all related accessories. It’s battery operated and runs up to 450 rpm, allowing users to trim brass quickly and cleanly. It features a 3/8 drill chuck, a cradle that can be mounted vertically/horizontally on a reloading bench and full rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 4 hours per charge. It charges in 3 hours.


Hodgdon Powder Company

(913) 362-9455

The Hodgdon 2016 Annual Reloading Manual contains information on reloading using Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester brand powders. The 170-page 13th edition features 2016 annual data for the new Enduron IMR 4955 powder. The magazine-style publication also includes data for the new 28 Nosler, updates for 31 rifle and pistol cartridges, eight new informative articles on reloading and a story on Olde Eynsford for black powder cartridges.


Pro Ears

(800) 891-3660

Pro Ears announces changes to the Pro 200 series of electronic earmuffs, which were recently updated with a more modern look and attractive price point. The muffs are compact, feature dual circuit boards for real personalization, the unique DLCS compression technology and a robust spring form headband. With the update, the Pro 200 series will be available in seven patterns and colors, along with an optional Behind the Head headband style.


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