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Sneaky Pete Holsters

New from Sneaky Pete is the Covert Series line of holsters. Available in five color/design options, the holsters were designed to look like anything other than a holster. Custom made to fit a variety of pistols, Covert holsters are constructed of 1050 Denier nylon, lined with Kydex, close securely with silent magnets and come with either a belt clip or belt loop.


(770) 432-1202

The GLOCK 19 Gen5 features over 20 design modifications from its Gen4 predecessor including the GLOCK Marksman Barrel, an nDLC finish, ambidextrous slide stop levels, a grip with no finger grooves and a flared mag-well. The Gen5 is 7.28 inches long, sports a 4.02-inch barrel, and weighs 23.99 oz. unloaded. The standard magazine holds 15 rounds (with 10-,17- and 33-round magazines optional). GLOCK has also introduced the G17 Gen5, which sports a 4.02-inch barrel and a standard 17-round magazine capacity (with 10- and 33-round magazines optional).

Atibal Sights

(626) 788-3110

Atibal’s XP6 Mirage 1-6x Front Focal Plane (FFP) is compact, rugged and  accurate. The versatile  optic can be used on a wide variety of systems — from MSR-style rifles to bolt-action rifles. The Mirage reticle allows for fast target engagement at 1x and for pinpoint accuracy at long distances at 6x with the FFP. The optic comes equipped with Atibal’s integrated Rapid View Lever for rapid magnification changes. The XP6 Mirage 1-6x is ideal for short- to medium-range target acquisition.

Federal Premium Ammunition

(800) 379-1732

Federal Premium’s new line of rifle ammunition, Edge TLR, combines the features of top match bullet designs with industry-leading bonding technology. Edge TLR loads offer match-grade long-range accuracy and reliable expansion at low velocities as well as high weight retention, deep penetration and optimal performance up close. The ammunition is currently available in .308 Win., 175-gr.; .30-06 Spring., 175-gr.; .300 Win. Mag., 200-gr. and .300 Win. Short Mag., 200-gr.


The Universal Handgun ECI (Empty Chamber Indicator) from Chamber-View is designed to fit most semi-auto handgun calibers from .22 to .45. Made from 100 percent ultra-durable, high visibility blaze orange silicone, the Universal Handgun ECI provides instant recognition a firearm is safe by indicating a fully open action. Additionally, it prevents debris and dust from contaminating the barrel, and serves as a pull tag for high visual safety.

Crimson Trace

(800) 442-2406

Laser sight options for GLOCK’s G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 semi-auto pistols are now available from Crimson Trace. Options include: Laserguard laser sight LG-637 with red laser diode and the Laserguard LG-637G with green laser diode; the Laserguard LG-639 (red) and LG-639G (green) laser sights; and the Laserguard LG-436 laser sight. The Laserguard LG-452 green laser sight will also fit. The soon-to-be released Laserguard Pro with LED white light and laser diode — the LL-807 with red laser diode and LL-807G with green laser diode — will fit the new GLOCK G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 pistols.

XS Sights

(888) 744-4880

F8 Night Sights from XS Sights are high-visibility personal defense sights for fast target acquisition in all light conditions. The large high-contrast front sight with a photo luminescent orange colored ring surrounding the tritium instantly increases front sight focus. The orange ring absorbs ambient light for visibility day or night. The wide notch rear sight allows more light around the sides of the front sight for increased visibility. The chamfered notch eliminates the bottom edges of the sight, drawing focus to the top edges of the sight for proper alignment. Its angled ledge aids in one-handed slide manipulations in emergency situations.

ErGo grips

(877) 281-3783

ERGO introduces the MAST SYSTEM (Modular Armorer Stand) for GLOCKs, which will allow for easier cleaning, efficient maintenance and professional display/storage. For use, simply slide the MAST Module into a GLOCK and lock it securely into the ambi-magazine release. Once locked into the GLOCK, the Modules can be fastened directly to the bench, clamped in a vise or mounted into the MAST Base. The MAST System is constructed with tough reinforced polymer and is impact/temperature/ chemical resistant. It’s currently available in Small and Large Frame Modules to fit most GLOCK models.


(817) 783-6001

Sun Optics USA has introduced the ST 1700, a airgun spring compressor that safely removes springs from “springer” airguns. The unit consists of stainless steel tubing with chamfered holes for quick and easy length adjustment of the bridge, tailstock or headstock to fit any length airgun or pistol. The headstock has a rotating head for ease of rotating the barreled action within the unit. The bridge keeps the gun completely secure for safe disassembly. It’s equipped with nylon-tipped adjustable bolts to eliminate scratching the gun while holding the gun in place. The tailstock and bridge hold the barreled action, while the muzzle is secure by the headstock.

Triple F Firearms Corp.

(330) 495-9031

Triple F Firearms announces its partnership with Bora Hunting Arms of Turkey to import the BR-99 12-gauge shotgun into the U.S. The BR-99 is a gas-operated, semi-auto 12-ga. shotgun that uses a box magazine feed system, and is based on the popular AR-15 style platform. It’s designed for tactical, hunting, sporting and home-defense use. Upon Triple F’s installation of a 992r compliance kit, the guns are legally able to accept high-capacity magazines and other accessories previously prohibited.

ASP Inc.

(920) 735-6242

The Safety Set from ASP is comprised of pepper spray, an alert whistle and flashlight strung on a breakaway lanyard. The Defender OC spray delivers 2 million Scoville Heat Units of protection. The whistle is intense and piercing, and the Sapphire USB light is small, bright and rechargeable. The lanyard is soft enough for everyday wear, yet breaks away easily in an emergency.

DAC Technologies

(800) 920-0098

DAC Technologies has introduced the Targetize personal firearm training system. The tool provides instant analysis with corrective feedback and allows the user to track accuracy, stability and precision. Targetize pairs a lightweight motion sensor mounted on the firearm to a smart device via a free app. The sensor accurately measures muzzle movement and relays instant feedback for immediate improvement.

Electric Fence Light Co.

(615) 476-6128

Mounting objects from the back side of a post is now possible with Electric Fence Light Co.’s T-Post Mounting Bracket 3″ (vertical).The bracket is ideal for supporting fence boards, plywood, bird houses, hangers for steel targets, framing for shooting range targets and much more. It supports over 200 lbs.

Christensen Arms

(888) 517-8855

Christensen Arms has expanded steel-barreled offerings with the MESA LONG RANGE. The medium Palma stainless steel barrel mated with an adjustable carbon fiber composite, long-range stock, offers users a sturdy, ergonomic platform. Other features include a Tungsten-Cerakote finish, seamless side-baffle muzzle brake (removeable), skeletonized bolt handle and an oversized fluted bolt knob. It weighs less than 10 lbs., and is guaranteed to shoot less than 1 MOA. Initial offerings include 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., 7mm Rem. Mag., 28 Nosler and .300 Win. Mag.

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