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(413) 543-1442

Swab-its has released new Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs, specifically designed for cleaning the unique contours of a star chamber, or barrel extension, of AR-15/M4-style MSRs. The swabs are lint-free, solvent and lubricant friendly, are washable and reusable and double as an empty chamber indicator. Each package contains three swabs.

Walther Arms Inc.

(479) 242-8500

Upon input from L.E. users, Walther Arms has released a 5-inch PPQ M2 standard slide model suited for duty use. The new 5-inch model does not have any ports in the slide to minimize points of entry for foreign objects to enter the firearm. A 10-round version is also available.

Inland Manufacturing

(877) 425-4867

dB Foam by Inland Manufacturing significantly reduces the sound level of firearm suppressors and is safe to use with most suppressor designs. Tests indicate an average of 3–5 dB reduction with 10 shot strings of fire. dB Foam displaces water and provides rust inhibiting protection for the internals of suppressors and firearms. It also provides a lubricating film, protecting the internal components of suppressors with rust inhibiting properties. Residue blown back into the firearm action from the backwash of the suppressor will provide the same protection to the firearm bore and action. dB Foam is available in 16- and 4-oz. cans.

Rite In The Rain

(253) 922-5000

Adding to the Tactical Series line of products, Rite In The Rain has introduced 25-METER ALL WEATHER TARGETS. All-Weather Targets integrate the same technology used in the company’s water-resistant notepads, giving shooters the freedom to practice in virtually any weather. Four different targets are offered: the No. 9125 Zeroing Target designed to zero M16A2/M16A4 sights (with M4 Carbine sights on the reverse); the No. 9126 Zeroing Target for use on zeroing any MOA optic for a variety of distances and a helpful graphic training aid printed on the reverse helps shooters zero for 100, 200, and 300 meters; the No. 9127 ALT-C (Alternate Course “C” Record Fire Qualification Target) and the No. 9128 intended for qualification with the M16A1, with a 75- to 300-meter scaled silhouette on the front, and offset on the back.


(877) 509-9160

Caldwell has released a new family of PIC RAIL XLA FIXED BIPODS. The bipods provide a stable shooting platform capable of attaching to almost any Picatinny rail forend. The clamp fastens directly to a firearm’s Picatinny or quad rail. The bipods, available in two models (6–9 inches and 9–13 inches), are collapsible in order to stay affixed to a firearm for easy transport. Designed with quick target acquisition in mind, the bipods feature an adjustable cam lever lock and adjustable leg height for ideal positioning.

Long’s Shadow Holster Inc.

(720) 552-3501

A new addition to the Antero line of holsters, the American Flag Antero Holster features an American flag design for S&W M&Ps. The holster has 30-degree back folded sides, glass filled nylon closed belt loops and is constructed from 0.93-inch-thick Kydex. It features an adjustable retention system, adjustable cant (0 or 15 degrees) and is drilled for most current attachments available. High cut sides allow for easy access to both front and rear pants pockets. The Antero comes standard as an OWB holster, but can be converted to IWB (conversion kit sold separately).

Birchwood Casey

(800) 746-6862

New from Birchwood Casey, Freedom Targets offer shooters exceptional portability and freedom from staples, tape and heavy stands. The targets feature heavy cardboard construction, fold flat for easy transport and a Shoot-N-C Bulls Eye target. Three versions are available: the 20 x 35 inch Double Stack Kit, 20 x 35 inch Single Stack Kit and the 12 x 18 inch Silhouette Target.

American Built Arms Co.

(877) 561-9572

A*B Arms is now selling the Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD barreled actions in .308 Win. to
FFL dealers and custom gunsmiths. The barreled action includes the receiver, bolt, barrel, thread protector and
fire control.

Springfield Armory

(800) 680-6866

Springfield Armory introduces the latest addition to the SAINT series: the SAINT with Free Float Handguard — a system that accepts almost unlimited M-Lok customization. Its pinned low-profile gas block makes wobbly set-screw blocks obsolete. The elevation-adjustable, flip-up front sight and dual aperture flip-up rear sight can be folded down or utilized to co-witness with optics. An enhanced nickel-boron coated single-stage GI trigger delivers a crisp, grit-free break. The 5.56x45mm NATO SAINT is 35.5 inches fully extended and weighs 6lbs., 9 oz.


(623) 434-2622

Weapons Cleaner by NFUSED is a water-based, highly effective gun cleaner safe for use around varnishes, wood stocks, camouflage finishes, polymer stocks and frames. It lacks the solvent smell of traditional cleaners and is ammonia free. NFUSED also offers Weapons Lubricant, a synthetic dry metal conditioner with anti-corrosion additives that bond molecularly to heated gun metal. The lubricant is not a temporary coating: It seals and conditions the heated metal leaving a dry lubricated surface that reduces heat, improves performance and prevents jamming and corrosion.

Jagemann Sporting Group

(920) 682-4633

Jagemann has added GLOCK 42 and GLOCK 43 options to its line of Jag Magazines.The polymer magazine features increased strength over standard polymer magazines, and are designed with improved follower geometry and round stacking for ease of use and disassembly.

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