Americans Favor Firearms In Public, Concealed Carry

Americans are increasingly in favor of laws that permit the carry of firearms in public. While this doesn’t come as a surprise to those in the industry, it likely is startlingly to MSNBC.

The network has long prided itself on its anti-gun/anti-industry campaigns, while helping to promote the positions of Michael Bloomberg, the Brady Campaign and other anti-gun politicians and organizations.

In a “What do you think?” online poll, MSNBC asked, “Should Kroger shoppers be allowed to carry handguns?” The question was posed in the midst of a debate this summer concerning whether business owners should ban firearms in their stores.

In the MSNBC poll, as of late September, more than 35,000 votes had been cast, with 87 percent voting “Yes.” Pollsters reveal there are few issues that will garner that high a percentage of favorable — or negative — votes.

Remarkable, of course, is the poll was conducted in “Anti-Gun Country” — yet, it seems, even those who are devoted to MSNBC support the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners.

Firearms In Classrooms

A poll conducted in mid-September in Utah reveals that nearly two-thirds of Utahns believe teachers should be permitted to carry a concealed firearm in classrooms.

The poll, conducted by Dan Jones and Associates, found 64 percent of those surveyed support teachers carrying concealed firearms in schools. This contrasts with just 33 percent who said teachers shouldn’t be allowed to carry firearms when they are in school.
The favorable number was higher than a poll conducted in 2013 when nearly 60 percent said they thought teachers should be allowed to have concealed firearms in school.

“Utahns also think teachers should be required to tell parents and school administrators about the presence of the concealed weapon. Sixty percent say teachers should tell parents and school officials, while 32 percent say they should not,” wrote Bryan Scott, of

In 2013, reports that 82 percent said they should have a right to know if a teacher was carrying a concealed firearm in the classroom.

“Not surprisingly, most Utahns think concealed weapons in classrooms has a positive effect on school safety,” Schoot wrote. “Sixty-six percent say schools are safer because there may be concealed weapons, while just 19 percent say they are not.”

Firearms In D.C.

In late September, the Washington, D.C., City Council voted to grant residents and visitors the right to carry concealed firearms. The vote came only after a federal court order struck down the city’s ban on carrying firearms. With “great reluctance,” the council approved a “may-issue” bill.

“We really don’t want to move forward with allowing more guns in the District of Columbia, but we all know we have to be compliant with what the courts say,” said Muriel Bowser (D).
The vote is just the beginning of a process of establishing issue regulations and licensing procedures. Unfortunately, experts predict, few applicants for licenses will qualify for permits.

Masters Travels To Claythorne Lodge, Kansas

FMG Publications announces the 2015 Shooting Industry Masters will be held at the Claythorne Lodge in Columbus, Kan., July 24-25. The company also announced it has contracted Media Direct as the event management agency for next year’s event.

In its 13th year, the Shooting Industry Masters has been overwhelmingly successful, and according to FMG, there was a need to utilize the services of an event management agency. Since its inception, the Masters has steadily grown and hit new milestones from preceding years. The overall purpose of the Shooting Industry Masters is to raise money for the NSSF First Shots program and other organizations that are focused on growing and enhancing the shooting sports. 

“The Masters has exploded and is beyond the capabilities of handling this event solely in-house. Gaining the expertise of industry marketers Mark Sidelinger and Kim Cahalan of Media Direct is the perfect move for our team. Their philosophies parallel ours in that they just want to grow the industry and make it a better place,” said Randy Molde, Shooting Industry Masters chairman.

Media Direct will be responsible for securing all 2015 sponsorships with past sponsors, as well as aggressively attracting new sponsorships, promoting team recruitment, coordinating side events and hosts, requesting raffle donations for the ever-popular auction and communicating match updates and information to the industry. 

“We’re very humbled and honored that FMG asked our team to carry the torch for the Shooting Industry Masters. We’ve been attending and promoting this event for our clients for several years. This is the one event that a manufacturer can attend and network to open doors for new opportunities with other manufacturers and distributors in a relaxed, stress-free and fun environment — and do all of this to benefit the growth of our industry. I mean, who doesn’t like to shoot?” asked Mark Sidelinger, owner of Media Direct. 

Team registration for the 2015 events is available at:
Owned and operated by FMG Publications, the Masters upholds the integrity of the shooting sports community and raises money to benefit organizations such as First Shots, HAVA and USA Shooting for the benefit of growing and enhancing the shooting sports.

For Sponsorship Packages and more information about the 2015 Shooting Industry Masters, contact Media Direct at, (309) 944-5341.

FMG Publications Now NSSF Voting Member

FMG Publications is proud to announce it was recently approved for Voting Membership in the NSSF. To become NSSF Voting Members, industry-related companies undergo a detailed evaluation and must be approved by the foundation’s Board of Governors.

“We have supported the mission of NSSF for decades, dating to the days in the early ’60s when industry leaders were meeting to consider forming the foundation,” said Tom von Rosen, FMG President. “We have exhibited at every NSSF SHOT Show, heavily promoted NSSF programs and have been NSSF Supporting Members for many years. Applying for Voting Member status was a logical and important step for our company.”

FMG’s support of NSSF includes raising money at the publisher’s annual Shooting Industry Masters, an industry-only shooting event.

“I can’t think of a better or more generous partner than FMG Publications. They have given nearly $300,000 toward our First Shots program, which is so vital for the future of firearms ownership on this nation, and it is completely fitting that they formally join the ranks of the strongest supporters of the NSSF by becoming Voting Members,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO.

In 2013, NSSF presented FMG Publications its highest honor, the Ken Sedlecky Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of its support of the First Shots program. Randy Molde, FMG VP of business development, emphasized the importance of supporting NSSF’s mission: “To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.”

“The industry is undergoing continuous attacks from anti-gun politicians and organizations. NSSF is the Voice of the Industry and we all must support its efforts on behalf of all our businesses. We encourage all industry-related companies to support NSSF by becoming Supporting Members and applying for Voting Membership,” Molde said.

FMG Publications publishes American Handgunner Magazine, GUNS Magazine, eight Special Editions, Shooting Industry Magazine, online digital editions, plus additional online and video content. For more information on FMG Publications, visit For more information on NSSF programs and membership, visit

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