Is Gun Ownership An Act Of Patriotism?

Is gun ownership patriotic? What about owning a gun shop? Is that a sign of patriotism?

Fox News conducted a poll two weeks before the 4th of July weekend, asking 1,018 randomly-chosen registered voters nationwide to rank a number of “acts of patriotism.”

Not surprisingly, at the top of the “acts” was flying an American flag, with 94 percent saying it shows patriotism. Voting in elections ranked at 93 percent, followed by joining the military at 90 percent. Other high-ranking patriotism: staying informed on news (79 percent), paying taxes (78 percent) and volunteering during a political campaign (70 percent).

Overall, owning a gun was rated as a 50 percent patriotic act. This category had the “most significant differences” among those questioned, according to Fox. The rankings were clearly defined by political-party affiliation.

Of those Republicans questioned, 69 percent said gun ownership was an act of patriotism. Only 35 percent of Democrats and 40 percent of Independents consider owning a gun patriotic. Those who identified themselves with the Tea Party ranked gun ownership the highest in patriotism (79 percent).

Gun ownership in rural America is viewed as more patriotic (65 percent), compared to suburban (46 percent) and urban areas (36 percent) of the country.

How did owning a gun shop rank? Sixty percent of men questioned said such gun shop ownership was a sign of patriotism, while only 44 percent of women viewed it as a patriotic act.

To view the poll, visit, search “Patriotism.”

Chicago Allows Gun Stores

Gun sales and gun stores are now permitted in Chicago. In late June, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance that permits firearm transactions and gun dealerships within the city, but with very harsh restrictions.

The city was forced into passing the ordinance after a federal judge ruled the city’s ban of gun stores and sales was unconstitutional. The ruling was tied to a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down Chicago’s ban of handguns.

However, the ordinance’s requirements ensure there will be few, if any, gun shops opening in Chicago. Zoning restrictions and other provisions, including prohibiting stores within 500 feet of parks and schools, prevents the establishment of gun shops in 99.5 percent of the city. In addition, all gun sales must be videotaped.

“It’s actually an ordinance to prevent gun shops,” said Richard Pearson, Illinois State Rifle Association executive director.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, admitting the city had no choice but to permit gun stores, said the ordinance had passed legal scrutiny and was a “solid, tough and enforceable ordinance.”

The ordinance likely will face lawsuits, an ongoing status concerning Chicago and its leaders’ position on firearms.
Michigan Protects Records

In late June, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation to exempt gun records from the state’s Freedom of Information Act. The law formalizes a 1999 Michigan Supreme Court ruling that disclosure of gun registry records was an invasion of privacy.

“We have seen in other states where publication of private information about gun ownership has put those gun owners and their neighbors at risk. The private records of law-abiding citizens who are practicing their Second Amendment rights will now be protected from public exposure,” said State Representative Aric Nesbitt (R-Lawton), the bill’s sponsor.

The new law does not prohibit law enforcement officials from accessing the records; however, there are additional restrictions concerning when police are permitted to access the records. In addition, the new law requires documentation of who accessed the records and for what purpose.

FN Manufacturing, FNH USA Form FN America

Philippe Claessens, CEO of the Herstal Group, has announced the consolidation of FN Manufacturing LLC in Columbia, S.C., and FNH USA LLC in McLean, Va. The new organization is called “FN America LLC.” It will be headquartered in McLean, while FN America’s production facilities will remain in South Carolina.

“The consolidation of FN Manufacturing and FNH USA creates an exciting opportunity for efficiency, growth and profitability,” said Mark Cherpes, president and CEO of FNH USA. “This merger will ensure a stronger, more agile organization that is better poised to meet current and future U.S. market challenges.”

Cherpes will serve as president and CEO of FN America. Jean-Louis Vanderstraeten is retiring as president and CEO of FN Manufacturing LLC and moving to a new role as advisor to the FN America chairman of the board.

The consolidation holds multiple benefits for distributors, dealers and consumers, including streamlined development and production of existing and new products and services, according to officials. The merger will also enable the company to better manage its complete product and customer-care lifecycles for its military, law enforcement and commercial business lines.


Mossy Oak Supports SCI Leadership School

Mossy Oak is once again supporting Sables, a membership group within the Safari Club International (SCI) Foundation. Mossy Oak is providing funding for 10 educator sponsorships to the foundation’s professional development course for teachers at the American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) in Jackson, Wyo., this summer.

Each year, the AWLS program offers 240 teachers from around the United States and Canada college-level courses in conservation and, more specifically, the North American Model of Wildlife Management. The program includes courses in stream ecology, riparian ecology, human impacts on wildlife habitat, introduction to shooting sports and instructor certification for the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). The program also helps educators better integrate the concepts with science, math, social studies and language arts that can be taught both inside and outside of the classroom.

Mossy Oak’s sponsorships provide each recipient with full tuition for the hands-on, intensive, eight-day session, as well as an additional stipend to help with travel and other incidental expenses.

“Mossy Oak is proud to continue its relationship with AWLS and the SCI Foundation. We are staunch supporters of the extensive conservation and hunter advocacy initiatives driven by SCI, and we see education as the most effective conduit to spread this message. AWLS provides the perfect platform to accomplish this goal, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it,” said Ben Maki, Mossy Oak senior VP of marketing.

By Russ Thurman

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