Election Day Is Coming: Are You Ready?

By Jade Moldé, SI Editor


After a nearly 18-month buildup, Election Day is just two months away. Two months. From now, until then, dealers will have a storefront, “grassroots” opportunity to positively impact customers — who will more than likely turn out to the polls for this groundbreaking election.

There’s still time to get behind the industry’s message and stay informed through NSSF’s #GUNVOTE effort. This voter education platform is an organized, reliable resource to keep you, and your customers, up to date on political developments and elections that will have an impact on the industry.

Available at, this website provides clear, updated coverage on the presidential election, as well as information concerning U.S. Senate and House of Representatives races, and state gubernatorial races as well. Newsfeed users can subscribe to the NSSF newsfeed of their choice through FeedBurner, with links provided throughout the homepage.

On the #GUNVOTE homepage, visitors can easily access links relating to voter registration, absentee voting, a polling place location finder and insights on elections in your local area. I tested this feature myself, looking up candidates using my zip code — and was quickly able to see an overview of the candidates running for state and national office that would impact my district.

Other useful resources include updates from the NSSF blog — which feature, among other things, helpful infographics. For example, NSSF’s recent “Gun Sales Up, Crime Rates Down” infographic provides a visual representation of the fact both homicides and crimes involving firearms have experienced notable decreases (43% and 70% respectively) from the early 1990s, while the number of cumulative firearms on the market per year has steadily increased since 1993.

Additional visually engaging resources include #GUNVOTE videos that feature false anti-gun/anti-industry remarks from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and rebuttals to her claims. With impending presidential debates that will receive widespread coverage, these videos will remain important for the industry to counter false claims with truth.

Remember, NSSF’s website is also available in Spanish, so you can help your Spanish-speaking customers stay up to date as well.
If you’re looking to spread the word about #GUNVOTE on your website or through social media, you can download the official #GUNVOTE button on the home page as well. Or, you can also purchase stickers for your store, vehicle, customers and friends.
Shooting Industry recognizes the importance of the #GUNVOTE campaign during this crucial election — the results of which will surely have a long-lasting impact on the industry and the Second Amendment — which is why the #GUNVOTE button appears in this issue’s TOC and will appear next month as well.

To stay up to date on political races that will directly impact the industry, visit or You can also stay informed through social media: Facebook ( and Twitter (@gunvote).
Don’t risk your rights: #GUNVOTE.


Caracal USA Expands, Relocates To Idaho

Caracal USA announces it has established offices in Boise, Idaho for its North American sales, marketing and business operations in a move designed to better serve customers and position the company for long-term growth in the U.S. firearms industry.

The address of the new offices is 6051 West Corporal Lane, Boise, ID 83704. The facility provides the company with 2,679 square feet of combined office and warehouse space. 

“This is history in the making. In January, Caracal announced a partnership with Wilcox Industries in Newington, N.H., to manufacture Caracal products for the first time in the United States,” said Christopher Sirois, president of Caracal USA.
“The opening of Caracal USA offices in Idaho further signifies Caracal’s commitment to provide products and services to customers in the United States, and demonstrates our considerable progress to date,” said Jae Gillentine, Caracal USA’s director of marketing. 

“With offices up and running at the New Hampshire manufacturing facility, and now with the Boise, Idaho operations office, Caracal is centralized to both our materials and suppliers for manufacturing, and our customers for after-sale care and support. We are pleased to be able to offer a true product support mechanism to the U.S. market,” said Caracal USA VP of Operations Jeffrey Spalding.


Spirit of Blue Foundation Receives Grant Assistance


Presenting Law Enforcement United’s (LEU) $20,000 donation to Spirit
of Blue Foundation’s Executive Director Ryan T. Smith (far right) are
(from left) LEU executive director Wallace “Chad” Chadwick, LEU chaplain
Sam Frye, LEU operations director Allan Iverson, LEU associate executive
director Steve Callow and LEU director of outreach Mark Faust.

The Spirit of Blue Foundation has received a $20,000 cash donation from Law Enforcement United (LEU), and is converting that gift into grants for various L.E. agencies in need of safety equipment for their officers.

The gift was presented on May 12 at the completion of LEU’s 7th Annual Road to Hope Memorial Ride, in a ceremony at the United States Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Va.

“Law Enforcement United is committed to honoring the fallen and remembering the survivors left behind after a law enforcement officer death,” said Wallace “Chad” Chadwick, executive director of LEU, who also serves as a sergeant with the Chesapeake (Va.) Police Department. “We are proud to partner with Spirit of Blue this year to promote and assist in a proactive solution to prevent law enforcement injuries and deaths.”

“We both agree that we want to see fewer officers lost each year and we want fewer families to be affected by those losses. Instead of LEU building the capability to do that work on their own, they have elected to partner with Spirit of Blue so that we can do what we are best at, and that is granting safety equipment and safety training,” said Ryan T. Smith, executive director of Spirit of Blue.

Since 2011, the Spirit of Blue Foundation has awarded 39 grants in 19 states valued at nearly $200,000. The grants have included patrol rifles, body armor, riot control gear, AEDs, K9s, forensic software, flashlights, Police/Youth Dialogue training, night vision optics, LED flares, ballistic helmets and self-contained breathing apparatus.


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