California Court Revives Industry’s
Lawsuit Against Microstamping Law

A California Appellate Court has reversed the Fresno Superior Court’s dismissal of the NSSF and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) lawsuit seeking an injunction to block enforcement of the state’s ammunition microstamping law and remanded the case back to the lower court to hear arguments.

“Today’s ruling means we will now be able to prove in court this ill-considered law must be enjoined because it is literally impossible to comply with its requirements, and the law never requires the impossible,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior VP and general counsel.

NSSF and SAAMI filed the lawsuit on behalf of their members against the State of California in Fresno Superior Court seeking to block the enforcement of the state’s microstamping law, violations of which are a criminal offense. The state statute enacted in 2007, but not made effective until May 2013, requires all new models of semi-auto handguns sold in the state to be designed to incorporate the microstamping technology.

Under this law, firearms manufacturers would be required to micro-laser engrave a gun’s make, model and serial number on two distinct parts of each handgun. In theory, this information would be imprinted on the cartridge casing when the pistol is fired. However, several independent studies have concluded microstamping should not be mandated because it is easily defeated by criminals, unreliable and flawed.

“There is no existing microstamping technology that meets the requirement of this ill-considered law. It is not technologically possible to microstamp two locations in the gun and have the required information imprint onto the cartridge casing,” Keane said. “The current state of the technology cannot reliably, consistently and legibly imprint the required identifying information on the cartridge primer from the tip of the firing pin, the only location where it is possible to micro-laser engrave the information.”

In 2007, California Assembly Bill 1471 was passed and signed into law requiring microstamping on internal parts of new semi-auto pistols. The legislation provided this requirement would only became effective if the California Department of Justice certified the microstamping technology is available to more than one manufacturer unencumbered by patent restrictions. The California legislature subsequently reorganized certain statutes concerning the regulation of firearms, including the microstamping law, in 2010.

On May 17, 2013, California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris provided such certification — preventing consumers in the state from purchasing new models of pistols. Harris was elected to the U.S. Senate last November.

For more information on microstamping, you can download NSSF’s Microstamping Fact Sheet here:


Bear & Son Acquires Gatco Sharpeners

Bear & Son Cutlery announces the purchase of Gatco Sharpeners, which ranks among the world’s top three sharpening companies. The acquisition will provide Bear & Son with a one-stop shop for knives and manual sharpeners.

“Bear & Son is equipped with a rich family tradition in knife making, and the Gatco brand is a perfect match,” said Ken Griffey, owner of Bear & Son. “We are looking forward to offering this new line to our retail partners in an effort to help complete their knife needs.”

The Bear & Son Cutlery manufacturing process is completely in-house, from building its own blanking dies to heat-treating, grinding and assembly, and hand-finishing products.



Sierra Bullets Celebrates 70 Years Of Business

Sierra Bullets is celebrating 70 years of manufacturing in 2017. Founded in California in 1947, Sierra relocated its operations to Sedalia, Mo., in 1990.

Sierra manufactures a wide range of bullets for both rifles and pistols. Its bullet lines include BlitzKing, Varminter, GameKing, MatchKing, Tipped-MatchKing, Pro-Hunter, Sports Master and Tournament Master. Calibers range from .204 through to .500.

“From the first bullet made in 1947, to the 193 retail bullets currently offered, an unwavering culture of quality thrives at Sierra Bullets. Now, armed with industry-leading technology, such as a 300-meter underground test facility, a full team of ballistic technicians and engineers, a pressure-testing laboratory and even Doppler radar, our commitment to quality is as solid as our reputation,” provided a company news release.



NSSF Assists Firearms Retailers, Ranges After Louisiana Floods

The NSSF has undertaken a disaster relief effort to help its members whose businesses were impacted by the late-summer floods in Louisiana’s Baton Rouge region.

“We want our member companies to know that their trade association stands with them in these challenging times, and that this assistance is another benefit of membership,” said Bettyjane Swann, NSSF director of member services.

NSSF has made $100,000 available in dedicated aid for business loss or damage resulting from the Baton Rouge area floods to qualifying member companies, with emphasis placed on providing relief to store-front federally licensed firearm retailers and shooting ranges. Funds are available to members suffering significant financial hardship and unable to pay for critical and immediate expenses to resume business.

“This is a real pick-me-up for businesses that sustained damage,” said Bill Kempffer of Deep River Sporting Clays and Shooting School in Sanford, N.C. “As a range that was affected by a hurricane in the 1990s, and knowing the struggle of returning to normal operations amid the cleanup and repairs that need to be done, I am proud to be a part of an organization like NSSF that is willing to provide such help.”
Applicants for relief may contact NSSF Member Services at (203) 426-1320 ext. 209. A Flood Relief Fund Application is available online at



NEMO Arms Relocates To Idaho

NEMO Arms, creators of the first semi-automatic, .300 Win. Mag. AR-patterned rifle, has relocated to Nampa, Idaho. The move represents an expansion in operations and manufacturing to better serve the needs of customers in a growing market.

NEMO Arms made firearms history in 2013 with the release of the NEMO Arms Omen, chambered for the powerful .300 Win. Mag. cartridge. Since then, an entire Omen line has developed and grown.

“NEMO is at a pivotal point in its development, and it’s imperative that we respond swiftly and decisively to demands and opportunities within the firearms market,” said company CEO Kirk Leopold.

No stranger to technological advancements and industry firsts, NEMO recently introduced its Executive Order (XO), chambered in .308, 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Remington. The XO offers unprecedented features, including NEMO’s patented bolt carrier recoil reduction system and new ambidextrous controls. It boasts a light, accurate and soft-recoiling .308 platform.

“Our goal is to provide our customers of all experience levels with an unprecedented shooting experience when operating our rifles,” Leoplold added.

NEMO is also focusing its efforts on further refinement of the Omen line of rifles, and is focusing its R&D efforts on several evolutionary products.


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