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Looking For A Sales Bullseye?

A substantial number of gun hunters also hunt during archery season. Those hunters represent a significant portion of sales for you if you carry bowhunting gear, as well as products for general hunting season with firearms. That said, adding a bowhunting segment to your product mix is not as simple as bringing in — for example — a new line of ammunition. It takes some research and know-how on your part to be prepared to handle the needs of dedicated bowhunters.

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What’s Trending In Handguns?

This year, a few handgun manufacturers rolled out some noteworthy goods: Kimber revealed its first revolver, the K6s. Ruger brought forth the Ruger American Pistol, a new polymer duty pistol. And Nighthawk Custom started carrying high-end Korth revolvers. Yes, that’s a broad spectrum of product offerings in the handgun market. So clearly these manufacturers think there’s a market for them — or at least they’re hoping there will be.

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