New Serial Number Tracking System Benefits Vendors

Kinsey’s announces it is now offering serial number tracking capability to participating manufacturers, making it the first distributor in the archery industry to implement this technology.

The serial number tracking process allows Kinsey’s to receive a product the manufacturer has identified with a unique serial number, check it in to distribution inventory and record the sale to a specific retailer. This creates a database of acquisition and disposition, which in turn allows Kinsey’s to provide support to its vendor partners by supplying information that assists them in resolving MAP compliance issues. Serial number tracking also aids vendors in offering directed warranty support to the retailer and consumer.

“Kinsey’s is a leader in our industry with many benchmark processes, one of which includes individual product serial number tracking which helps protect existing dealers from unauthorized sales,” said Scott Lee, president of Killer Instinct.

Vendors interested in participating in the serial number tracking program should contact Keith Arnold, Kinsey’s purchasing manager, at (717) 653-9074, ext. 3041 or



Outtech Partners With Brandlive To Enhance Product Training

Outtech Inc. has announced a partnership with Brandlive, a web-based platform for branded live video. This partnership will benefit Outtech and its over 2,600 independent dealers, distributors, buying groups and mail-order catalog businesses.

“Live video is already proving to be one of the most revolutionary tools we could have asked for,” said Outtech President Jay Scholes. “It’s very exciting to be able to get the best product experts and personalities in front of key audiences in such a scalable, yet personal way. With everything from product development to commerce now moving at such a rapid pace, Brandlive is exactly what we need, at exactly the right time.”

With Brandlive’s platform, Outtech plans to expand their retail associate education programs, increase direct engagement with their retail partners and bridge communication gaps traditionally found in manufacturer-to-consumer distribution channels.

“Outtech has clearly proven to be a pioneer in sales and marketing for the outdoor industry, and we are extremely happy to be partners with them and all the great brands they represent,” says Mac Howard, VP of strategic partnerships at Brandlive.



Epicor Introduces Software To Streamline A&D Recordkeeping

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business, and Orchid Advisors announced the general availability of the Epicor FFL Compliance Manager application to help firearms dealers simplify and streamline the process of complying with today’s complex and evolving gun laws.

With the assistance of Orchid Advisors, Epicor developed the Epicor FFL Compliance Manager application to reduce compliance burden on FFLs by automating and streamlining A&D recordkeeping. The software can be used by entities of any size to help them stay compliant and serve customers more efficiently. With a browser-based approach, the Epicor FFL Compliance Manager can be accessed from virtually any device and location with an Internet connection — which eliminates the need for costly hardware or IT support.

In addition, Epicor FFL Compliance Manager includes tools and notifications that allow FFLs to closely monitor their ATF compliance. A “one-click” self-audit tool supports 24×7 audit readiness by quickly packaging selected data required by ATF agents. FFLs can also run ATF compliance reports on demand and review bound book activity quickly and easily via dashboards.

“Maintaining a bound book is a critical part of running a successful firearms business,” said Mike Vause, sporting goods manager at Smith & Edwards Co in Ogden, Utah. “Epicor FFL Compliance Manager automates and manages these tasks so that I can focus on the core elements of my business — such as buying and selling guns, improving customer service and increasing sales. And, to top it off, the software is unbelievably easy to deploy and use!”


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