Remington Model RP9


Remington introduces the Model RP9, a full-size polymer-framed handgun. The RP9 features a double-stack magazine, with a capacity of 18 rounds, and a number of accuracy and control enhancements — such as an ambidextrous slide lock, optimized grip angle to reduce felt recoil, a triggerguard undercut and ergonomic polymer frame. It’s chambered in 9mm+P and has a 4.5-inch barrel. A restricted-capacity model with 10-round magazines is also available.

Streamlight Pistol-Grip Searchlight Models

Streamlight®, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance flashlights, significantly upgraded the lumen output of the Waypoint® Alkaline battery model and the Waypoint® Lithium Ion Rechargeable pistol-grip spotlights, while also enhancing both lights’ design. Handheld and powerful, the lights feature C4® LED technology to provide extremely bright lighting with an integrated long-range targeting beam.

The updated Waypoint Alkaline now features 550 lumens, 100,000 candela and a beam distance of 625 meters on the high setting. The Waypoint Rechargeable now delivers 1,000 lumens, 115,000 candela and a beam distance of 678 meters on high. The Waypoint Rechargable also has been redesigned to include a Medium setting, while the updated Waypoint Alkaline model adds a trigger style switch that allows for momentary light up capability without clicking the switch to lock the light on. Both lights feature an integrated stand for hands-free scene lighting. The Waypoint rechargeable model also will float if dropped in water.

“Both of these models are ideal for boating, camping and other outdoor pursuits, as well as for a wide variety of search and rescue and other first responder applications,” said Streamlight Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Michael Dineen. “They’re rugged and dependable, and extremely bright whether used as a handheld mobile searchlight, or as a hands-free, stationary light to illuminate a scene.”

The Waypoint Alkaline, when powered by four “C” alkaline batteries, delivers 10 hours of run time on high, 82 hours on both low and emergency signal mode, and unlimited run time when using its included 12-volt DC power cord. The Waypoint Rechargeable uses a Lithium Ion battery that is rechargeable up to 800 times. It offers 3 hours of run time on high, 6 hours on medium and 80 hours on low. Both lights feature a C4 LED that is impervious to shock, and use a deep-dish parabolic reflector to produce a long-range targeting beam while also optimizing peripheral illumination. The lights have cushioned handle grips to eliminate user hand fatigue, as well as a removable high-strength wrist lanyard.

Featuring a high-impact polycarbonate housing, the Waypoint Alkaline weighs 1.8 pounds, while the Waypoint Rechargeable weighs 1.52 pounds. Both measure 6.75 inches long by 7.14 inches high. The Waypoint Alkaline features an IPX4 rated design for water-resistant operation, while the Waypoint Rechargeable has an IPX8 rated design for waterproof operation to two meters. Both are impact resistance-tested to one meter and are available in black and yellow.

The MSRPs for the updated Waypoint Alkaline and Waypoint Rechargeable are $102.00 and $204.00, respectively. Both feature Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Gunvault Arvault


GunVault launches the ARVault, a compact safe for MSR-style rifles. The ARVault is made with 16-gauge steel, has dimensions of 14 x 11x 4 inches and weighs 10 lbs. It comes standard with GunVault’s No-Eyes quick-access keypad or an upgraded biometric lock. The ARVault is the only GunVault model with a Dual Lock System — one lock on opposite corners for added anti-pry protection. It can be mounted on the wall and is able to fit most MSR-style rifles.

(800) 222-1055

Focus On Accessories To Drive Sales

By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

Change is in the air and gun dealers are going to need to reconsider their business model and the forces driving gun sales. For the past eight years firearms sales have been brisk because people were afraid changes in legislation would deprive them of the firearm they wanted, or indeed, the ability to own a firearm. With a Republican president in the White House, consumers are beginning to breathe a little easier and the sense of urgency to purchase a firearm has diminished a bit. Luckily, where women are concerned, accessories remain a hot commodity as they’re tailored specifically to a woman’s needs and lifestyle.

Concealed Carrie is one of the companies that continues to come up with innovative and attractive products for women. The company’s latest offering, the Ostrich Print Leather Tablet Case is an excellent conceal and carry option for tech-savvy women. A double zippered compartment is filled with pockets and dividers to carry essentials and a smooth, padded, leather removable tablet case with hook and loop attachment easel easily props to two positions. Another double zippered concealed carry compartment includes a removable and adjustable universal holster for secured and easy ambidextrous access. The exterior of the Tablet Case features a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, a retractable handle and an additional document pocket.

All Concealed Carrie handbags come with a Concealed Carrie keychain and fashion tassel. The Tablet Case works best with compact or sub-compact handguns and will also securely hold stun guns, pepper spray and other non-lethal forms of self-defense.

A nice add-on to any Concealed Carrie purse is the company’s recently introduced matching wallet. These wallets coordinate with the purse holsters and feature expandable aged hardware for currency, a coin purse with snap and an RFID-protected credit card and identification sleeve. The compact design of the wallet makes it easy to tuck into a purse holster and doesn’t add a lot of weight.

Concealed Carrie also offers an attractive display to dealers for free with a qualifying purchase. The freestanding display showcases Concealed Carrie products and comes complete with three shelves, brackets and hooks. A mirror, lifestyle graphics and a brochure sleeve are also included, and the display can be customized to fit your specific needs.


Concealed Carrie makes it easy for dealers to highlight
accessories with this convenient display.

Many Options For Concealment

Another accessory dealers will want to focus on are holsters. “Holster options is a good area for manufacturers in that most women in my area don’t wear belts making traditional holsters a no-go,” commented Barry Laws, CEO of Openrange Inc., in Crestwood, Ky. “Products like Can Can beltless holsters and purse inserts would be where I’d put my money.”

Can Can Concealment offers a wide range of corset-style and garter holsters for beltless on-the-body carry. Women will appreciate this style of holster as it promises to slim the waistline while concealing a firearm. The Corset Big Shebang is designed to conceal two firearms over 6.5 inches, while the Micro accommodates two firearms under 4.5 inches, and a magazine.

Both feature front metal stays designed to trim the stomach. A ribbon accented magazine pocket holds an extra magazine. The tank incorporated into the holster is designed to fit under the bust so it will accommodate any bra. This holster will allows for both right- and left-hand draw and reholstering tabs make it easy to open the holster for no-look reholstering.

Women and men will want to purchase the gender-neutral Sport Belt holster. This version does not have the built in tank top, but does have all the other great features mentioned above, plus an oversized wallet pocket, a cell-phone pocket and two standard mag. pockets.

Dene Adams is another company designing accessories with female shooters in mind. The company offers a variety of products such as corset holsters and purse holsters women will want to conceal their firearms. Dene Adams’ latest offering, a thigh holster incorporated into leggings or shorts is called the Body Shaping Thigh Holster — it will be a huge hit with women as it fits easily into the current fashion. Made of a moderate support Lycra, these high-waist leggings will also smooth the tummy.

Other features include an accessory compartment, a built-in triggerguard and fast, breakaway retention tabs to hold a firearm securely in place. Currently, the thigh holster is offered in right-hand draw and will accommodate micro, compact, single-stack firearms.

Dealers who find it challenging to stock the style of purse holsters their female customers want should try selling the Purse Defender from CrossBreed Holsters. The Purse Defender is designed to go inside your customer’s favorite purse or handbag, allowing them to still carry the designer bag they love and be protected. The Velcro brand fastener-lined Kydex panel fits securely in a purse or other bag, and keeps the gun and purse stabilized and prevents it from spilling over or causing the purse to tip.

The Purse Defender system comes complete with an L-shaped panel, and a CrossBreed Modular Holster. It’s available in left- or right-hand draw, and for a wide variety of small to medium sized handguns. The Purse Defender measures 9 inches wide and 6 inches high, with the base of the assembly being 3 inches wide.


Concealed Carrie’s stylish Ostrich Print Leather Tablet Case accommodates
accessories, protects your customer’s tablet and conceals a compact or
subcompact handgun.


The Body Shaping Thigh Holster legging from Dene Adams gives women
a concealment option that fits in well with today’s fashion.

The Value Of In-Store Demos

Many of the concealed carry accessories designed for women host hidden features and unique designs best explained in person. Product demonstrations allow potential customers to get their hands on the product and learn more about its benefits. One of the best ways to promote these particular accessories is to host an event (think Tupperware and Pampered Chef) where guests can try the products themselves and discuss the merits with you and your staff. Many customers may not otherwise realize their need for a product until its value is presented.

If you translate this demonstration-style sales approach to your own female-friendly products you are sure to sell more. A social aspect also gets women talking about products and what works for them, and gives you good ideas about what women want to see on your shelves. For those who may not have the time or space to host an event, do some research online (demo videos for almost every pro-duct abound) and have videos highlighting the products you want to promote playing on-site to do the work for you.

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Building Trust & Relationships

NASGW Expo Lays Foundation
For Early-Year Business

By Jade Moldae

The 2016 NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting, held Oct. 25–28 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Mo., presented a productive forum for nearly 2,000 attendees to evaluate new-for-2017 products, programs and other initiatives to grow their businesses. Celebrating 43 years, the 2016 NASGW Expo featured 288 exhibitors; 52 of them were new.

Held just a couple weeks prior to Election Day, attendees and exhibitors were faced with the prospect of juggling two very different business plans — contingent on the results of the election. Manufacturers, distributors and sales rep groups have undoubtedly approached 2017 differently in the wake of Trump’s surprise victory.

As the industry adjusts to a “normalized” market, NASGW officials report the association will continue to serve as a resource for its members in managing inventories and the flow of products in the distribution channel.

“With the results of the election, and a Donald Trump victory, I fully expect the sales environment to level out a bit and we likely won’t see the big peak we expected had Hillary Clinton won the presidency,” said Kenyon Gleason, president of NASGW in an interview with SI. “As such, the NASGW will continue to evaluate market trends and identify areas where we can add value to members given this unexpected new and different political climate. We’re going to avoid tunnel vision.”

NASGW’s wholesale members represent a key component of the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. According to a recent survey conducted by NASGW, total industry sales through the association’s wholesale members totaled an estimated $6 billion in 2015 — an 89 percent increase since 2009. Given last year’s strong NICS numbers, NASGW officials anticipate 2016 will see a further increase once the final numbers are determined.
Additionally, NASGW members’ assets include 4 million square feet of warehouse space across 60-plus locations, holding $1 billion in inventory — benefitting all partners of the distribution channel.

“You don’t have to be an industry expert to see how our wholesale members make it easy for dealers to get access to the products they need quickly,” Gleason added.

However, there’s more to delivering results than just numbers, Gleason said.

“Being successful in business is more than just logistics and statistics. It’s about relationships, the kind you can forge at NASGW.”


The 2016 NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting had nearly 2,000 attendees —
bringing shooting sports buyers and sellers together.

Promoting “Wholesale Trust”

Over 500 members met at the Annual Awards Dinner & Reception, which officially launched the 43rd Expo. During the dinner, top manufacturers were honored for their commitment to the two-step distribution model and attendees received important updates about the association’s latest initiatives.

“We made several changes at NASGW in 2016. The most noticeable of course is the new logo and tagline, ‘Wholesale Trust,’” Gleason said. “In addition, we’re reinventing the association to provide more value to our members and to strengthen our position in the industry. We even retooled our mission statement to help us define our role in the distribution channel: ‘Bringing Shooting Sports Buyers and Sellers Together.’ Now, when people across the industry see our name or logo, they know who we are and the important role we play.”

NASGW made other refinements in 2016, such as streamlining its communication channels to deliver up-to-date information to members.

“We strengthened our communication strategies to provide our members crucial information more frequently. Because members repeatedly told us how important the NASGW Expo is to their bottom line, we developed a stand-alone website for the Annual Expo — giving this event the attention and focus it deserves. Plus, we launched a new association website for general needs.”

Each year the NASGW Expo presents an opportunity for members to build on the foundation of “Wholesale Trust,” according to Gleason.
“Wholesale Trust speaks to the importance of relationships throughout the two-step distribution channel and the level of trust required each step of the way,” he observed.


Each year at the Expo, NASGW presents charitable donations to important
industry causes. As part of this endeavor, the association donated
$20,000 to the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance.

2016 Leadership Award Winners

For more than a decade, NASGW has recognized the top optics, accessory, ammunition and firearm manufacturers who best demonstrate a commitment to the two-step distribution process and provide value and service to customers through its Leadership Awards. In addition, the association also recognizes its Importer and Innovator of the Year.

Wholesaler members cast their votes based on four core components: the manufacturer’s distribution policy; marketing, promotion and sales representation and training programs; logistics and operations and its support of NASGW and the industry.

The 2016 Leadership Award recipients were:

Optics Manufacturer of the Year: Leupold & Stevens

Accessories Manufacturer of the Year: Birchwood Casey & Magpul (Tie)

Ammo Manufacturer of the Year: Hornady Manufacturing Co.

Firearms Manufacturer of the Year: Ruger

Importer of the Year: Aguila Ammunition

Innovator of the Year: Ruger

In a first for the Leadership Awards, Birchwood Casey and Magpul received the same amount of votes and shared the Accessories Manufacturer of the Year Award. For the second consecutive year, Ruger took home both the Firearms Manufacturer of the Year and Innovator of the Year awards. Magpul and Aguila Ammunition were first-time Leadership Award recipients.

Outgoing NASGW Chairman, Pete Brownell, commended Ruger’s CEO Mike Fifer with the NASGW Chairman’s Award. “Mike has had a huge impact in our industry. He’s a true leader and I was proud to present the 2016 NASGW Chairman’s Award to him,” Brownell said.

Also during the Awards Dinner, NSSF presented the NSSF Medal of Freedom to Smith & Wesson and Hornady Manufacturing Co. for each company’s support of the #GUNVOTE voter registration campaign. S&W and Hornady made donations of $500,000 and $250,000 respectively to help launch the successful effort in 2016.

In conjunction with the annual awards, NASGW donated $20,000 to the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA). “We’re nothing in this industry if we don’t support the future and encourage new young shooters,” Gleason noted.

Because of the importance of the election season, NASGW made contributions of $100,000 to the NRA-ILA and $25,000 to NSSF’s #GUNVOTE campaign and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation earlier in 2016.


Each year at the Expo, NASGW presents charitable donations to important
industry causes. As part of this endeavor, the association donated
$20,000 to the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance.

Save The Date

The 44th NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting will be held Oct. 17–20 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio this year. Gleason reports the association is anticipating a robust turnout from members.

“Early feedback and exhibit sales for 2017’s Expo in San Antonio have been exceptionally positive. The show is already close to selling out,” he said.

For more information on the NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting, visit


Fresh Approach To Tell NASGW’s Story

NASGW had a transformative year in 2016. In the span of a few months, the association launched a rebranding campaign and redesigned its website while also creating one specifically for the Expo. Furthermore, NASGW premiered a “Wholesale Trust” video at the 2016 Expo, which highlights the importance of the two-step distribution model. The video can be viewed here:

Also in 2016, NASGW partnered with Orchid Advisors to develop the NASGW/Orchid Advisors State Firearms Portal. These improvements were part NASGW’s efforts to “tell its story” for the industry.

To help in that endeavor, SI invited NASGW President Kenyon Gleason to provide an update on the association’s important movements and also to explain the benefits of being a member. “NASGW: On The Move” appeared in the December 2016 issue.

“We have a bigger, more important story to tell. We maybe haven’t always been so good about doing the telling, but it’s changing — just like the organization is — as we prepare for the future and the changing dynamics of the shooting sports industry,” Gleason said.

To read the rest of Gleason’s commentary, visit

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3 Skinny Holsters for 1 Chunky Gun

I love three-inch barreled 1911’s and single-stack 9’s. Even though they can be a handful to hang on to and shoot, they’re skinny and super easy to conceal. Usually though, carrying a skinny gun means giving up on some ammo capacity — most of these kinds of guns have around six, seven, or eight rounds on board. Some days I just want more capacity. And that usually means carrying a larger gun or a thicker subcompact gun such as a Glock 26 Gen4, a 10+1 9mm. Compared to today’s single-stacks, the G26 slide measures 1.18 in. in width as it carries double-stack magazines. So it is one chunky gun. Thankfully, chunky guns like this can be carried concealed with skinny holsters. Here are three to consider…

VersaCarry, $24.99



A simple yet well-engineered design, the VersaCarry holster is really more of a plastic carrier than a holster. The gun barrel slides over the VersaCarry post (snugly) and the attached plastic carrier turns into a belt clip. A rounded plastic shield provides a trigger guard on one side. Slide the gun onto the post and then insert the unit into your waistband. To draw, just draw. The gun comes out; the carrier stays in place. VersaCarry adds 1/8” of additional girth to whatever gun you’re carrying.

ZeroCarry 2.0, $24.95



Another take on the plastic carrier design, ZeroCarry 2.0 provides a post for a gun barrel, a trigger guard and an adjustable-height belt clip attachment. Slide the gun barrel onto the post (it’ll be relatively loose) and insert the unit inside your waistband. Both sides of the trigger are covered and the gun can sit higher or lower, depending on your preferences. To draw, just draw. Since ZeroCarry 2.0’s dimensions allow it to stay within the gun’s width, it adds no additional girth whatsoever. Retention depends on belt tension so draw your belt as tight as you comfortably can. An optional retention strap is included.

Falco Breathable Belly Band, $30.95


Although it isn’t a holster per se, I’m including a belly band here because it is a skinny means of concealed carry. Falco’s Breathable Belly Band is not only comfortable, but at the points where it goes around the gun, it adds only 1mm of girth on each side. Wrap this band low around your waist and dress around it, the gun inside the “holster” pocket stays put. For added retention, stretch the tabbed loop around the back of the slide. To draw, just pull the retention loop off and draw. As a bonus, this bellyband includes two sewn-in magazine pockets and an extra storage pocket for whatever else you need to carry.

Carry a chunky gun? In the comments below, let us know which gun and how you carry it.

— Mark Kakkuri

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An extension of the FNS series of striker-fired pistols, FN America has launched the FNS-9 COMPACT FDE. The FNS-9 Compact FDE will feature a flat dark earth (FDE) polymer frame and durable, scratch-resistant PVD slide coating that has been color matched to ensure consistency. It will also retain the line’s ergonomic grip angle and diamond texture grip pattern standard on FNS and FNX models. Two magazine options are available: pinky extender for better grip and a full-size grip sleeve for range training and backup use.

(703) 288-3500

Streamlight Inc. TLR-6 Rail Mount


Streamlight has introduced three models to the TLR-6 Rail Mount weapon light, which is designed to securely attach to the rail and triggerguard of GLOCK and M&P standard and compact railed handguns; Springfield Armory XD and XD(M); and XD Mod.2 railed handguns. Features include C4 LED to maximize visibility and integrated red aiming laser for tactical and home defense uses. Each model offers 100 lumens, 2,000 candela and a beam distance of 89 meters. The three lighting modes include LED Only, LED/Laser and Laser Only.

(800) 220-7488