Kahr Arms Handgun


For 2017, Kahr has added new features to four of their more popular models. The CM9093TU3, CM4543TU3, CW3833TU3 and CT3833TU3 will feature, for the first time, white three-dot sights, a Pachmayr tactical grip glove, and a Pearce finger rest magazine extension. These four models will be offered in Cerakote Tungsten.

(508) 795-3919

DeSantis Delivers Hot New Handgun Rigs

By Dave Workman

When it comes to variety and practicality, DeSantis Gunhide has ridden to the rescue more than once, and they’ve announced enough new holsters that we’re tempted to buy a bunch of new handguns to fit them all.

Heading for the bush? Gear up with the M72 Yukon Hunting Rig, with models for big revolvers or semi-autos. Made from tough ballistic nylon, it has a fully adjustable harness and may be carried at different angles. The semi-auto model has an adjustable magazine pouch and the revolver version features a speed loader pouch and cartridge loops. MSRP is $81.99.

You like Kydex? You’re going to love the Raptor, a high-ride model designed for OWB/IWB carry and now there’s a model for the GLOCK 43. It comes with loops for 1 ½- or 1 ¾-inch belts and soft polymer straps for IWB carry. The design features a trigger guard detent and a rear sweat guard. This one has an MSRP of $79.99.

DeSantis also offers new versions of popular rigs to fit the Walther Creed. Two that got our attention are the 001 Thumbreak Scabbard and the 002 Speed Scabbard. They’re both high-ride rigs crafted from quality leather, molded to the gun. The Thumbreak is available with or without suede lining and comes either plain or with basket weave. The Speed rig has an open top but holds the pistol with precise molding and a tension screw on most models. Both have 1 ¾-inch belt slots and an MSRP of $79.99.

They’ve even been busy turning out holsters for the new Taurus Spectrum, the compact .380 ACP semi-auto with soft panels in the grip and slide. Ten choices in all, including three in leather (019 Mini-Scabbard, 012 Maverick and 027 Quick Snap); two nylon belt rigs (N87 Pro-Stealth and M24 Tuck-This II); the Apache ankle rig with a nylon pouch and elasticized leg band with sheepskin lining); the 106 Sof-Tuck soft leather tuckable; the synthetic N38 Nemesis pocket holster and synthetic M44 Super Fly and finally the 031 Insider leather IWB rig. They range in price, depending on the model, from $25.99 for the Nemesis to $62.99 for the Mini-Scabbard.

Find out more at www.desantisholster.com.

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Twenty Things To Know About Tactical Shotguns

By Ralph Mroz

Why this? Because the questions come all the time. “12 gauge or 20? Long or short barrel? Folding stock or not? What kind of sights? What’s buckshot? Birdshot or not?” So, let’s just list ‘em and tackle them right off.

1: The “normal” legal limit of an 18″ barrel is what you want for ease of maneuver. If you want to bother with the paperwork, fine: go shorter. Mossberg and Remington both offer new models with abbreviated grip areas and very shot barrels but meeting the overall length of 26″ mandated by the feds. They are essentially a new breed of short, tactical shotgun and deserve a look.

2: Many people advocate the 20 gauge over the 12 for reduced recoil and for smaller people. But recoil is a very subjective thing, and although I’m hardly a big guy I can’t feel much difference.

3: 12 gauge guns are widely available in a bewildering array of options. It’s harder to find 20’s with as many options.

4: Modern “reduced recoil” 12 gauge buckshot is very manageable and very effective.

5: Recommending birdshot because it won’t over-penetrate walls is to recommend a round that may not penetrate heavy leather jackets across a room.

6: A case is sometimes made for #4 or #1 buckshot, but the far more commonly available 00 buck won’t be seen as “exotic” and is widely available. More, every expert recommends 00 buck, usually including the “reduced recoil” versions.

7: The old adage (with 00 buck) of 1″ of spread for every yard of travel is more like ½” per yard these days (even less with some rounds), with late model guns and modern ammo. That conservatively makes for a 16-yard weapon if you want to keep ‘em all in an 8″ spread, which is farther than a civilian is likely to need to use the gun.

8: A shotgun is an aimed weapon, even with buckshot, and it’s almost as easy to miss with it as it is with a rifle. Honest.

9: Extended mag tubes are nice and don’t cost too much in terms of weight and maneuverability, even if you are unlikely to need the extra shots.

10: Ditto shell carriers. Depending on where they are placed and what else you’ve loaded the gun up with, they might cause the gun to give up maneuverability, but that is an individual thing.

11: Shotguns do not have brutal, uncontrollable recoil. Using the push-pull (sometimes called the bow-and-arrow) technique and proper body mechanics anyone can control one well.

12: Shotguns are an expert’s weapon. They take more skill to accurately shoot and control than an AR-15. The safety should come off only when you are in the act of firing the weapon and go back on immediately after, and without changing your firing grip. But that’s impossible with the common Remington 870. The Mossberg tang safety is better in this regard, but it doesn’t work with pistol grips. Getting the safety back on is important. You should not move, run, change position, or challenge a suspect, with the safety off.

A tactical shotgun is best served by a short stock so you
can get your elbows down and maneuver in tight quarters.

13: Pistol grips make the shotgun easier to shoot from tactical positions (elbows retracted, etc.), more instinctive to shoot, and they provide commonality with AR platforms and handguns. But they are at odds with Mossberg’s far better safety position. However, the main advantage of pistol grips is they get your shooting thumb off the stock’s comb where, with a short tactical stock, it tends to get driven into your nose under recoil.

14: Almost all factory shotgun stocks are too long for tactical work, even most youth stocks. For a pump gun you can get after-market stocks of the proper length, but autos, because of the spring tube, have severe limits on how short a stock can go.

15: Pump guns will fire any shell fitting in the chamber while autos are often ammo sensitive.

16: Autos are faster in theory, but many good shooters can run a pump as fast as an auto.

17: I can make a case for practicing slug swap outs for police and military. I can’t for civilians. If you need a slug, I have to ask why you don’t simply use a rifle to begin with.

18: The drop on most factory stocks, and all length-adjustable stocks, is too little. “Drop” refers to how much the heel of the stock is lower than the bore axis. Most factory stocks have little drop because that’s okay in the hunting and sporting world. But for tactical applications your head has to come down to the sights and a high comb will simply not allow it for many people.

19: Slings on a shotgun are essential for police because after they have shot a bad guy they have to then control, cuff and search them, as well as communicate with dispatch. They can’t simply lay the shotgun down or hand it off to a bystander. Civilians don’t have these responsibilities and are far less likely to need a sling. Which is good since a sling can get caught on things.

20: All tactical long guns need an attached white light because you need two hands to operate it. The light should have a momentary-on only switch, for reasons I hope are self-explanatory.

21: To read more wit and wisdom — or lack thereof — from Ralph, check out his blog at https://thestreetstandards.wordpress.com/

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Carl Zeiss Sports Optics


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics introduces the new Terra ED color binoculars in four sizes for a variety of uses: 8×32, 10×32, 8×42 and 10×42. Each model boasts multi-coated lenses for bright and clear viewing — even in low light conditions. Terra ED binoculars are built to handle rugged terrain and harsh conditions yet offer comfortable ergonomics and robust, lightweight and waterproof construction. These binoculars achieve a 5.25-ft. close focus and a generous wide field of view. They’re available in black and grey, or by special order in green and brown for most models.

(800) 441-3005

Super Sharp Spyderco Blades Make Debut!

By Dave Workman

We don’t know a serious handgunner who doesn’t have a knife — or two or three — handy, and the gang at Spyderco have unveiled a couple that ought to come with band aids because out of the box, they are sharp enough to shave with, so watch your pinkies!

Translation: They’re first rate and ready to rock for all kinds of challenges.

We especially like the new Rubicon folder with a blade design suiting both the daily-use folks and those who may venture outdoors and need a knife to clean big and small game.

This rugged little folder has a hollow-ground 3.04″ straight edge blade made from CPM S30V stainless steel. Designed as a “flipper” with a small stub at the to rear of the blade projecting out of the handle when the blade is closed, it’s got a bright orange strip along the back of the G-10 handle making it nearly impossible to leave lying around.

Of course this model, designed in collaboration with Peter Carey, features the trademark Spyderco thumbhole.

Spyderco’s Rubicon folder has a hollow-ground 3.04″ straight
edge blade made from CPM S30V stainless steel.

Measuring 8.45″ OAL, the Junction has a full tang design with G-10
handle featuring two tubular rivets doubling as lanyard holes.

The Junction

The other entry is for people who need a fixed-blade knife model that can slice, dice, slash and double as a dinner/steak knife. It’s the Junction model, and it comes with a tough little sheath made out of something called Boltaron, which is molded to the shape of the knife. The sheath has an adjustable C-clip and it weighs a paltry 1.5 ounces.

That knife is a real piece of work, hitting the scale at just over 4 ounces, so you’ll hardly know it’s there until you need it.

Designed by Gayle Bradley, the Junction is the kind of utility knife you wish you had when you’re 10 miles from the road, or ten blocks from the back porch.

Measuring 8.45″ OAL, the Junction has a full tang design with G-10 handle featuring two tubular rivets doubling as lanyard holes. The blade is made from PSF27, which Spyderco described as a “tough spray-formed tool steel.” We’ve got to admit after testing this thing out in the field, it lives up to that billing.

The Rubicon has an MSRP of $359.95, while the Junction has an MSRP of $309.95, according to the Spyderco website. For more information, check them out at www.spyderco.com.

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TruGlo Sights Provide Critical Edge

In The Dark Places, TruGlo Sights Provide Critical Edge

By Dave Workman

When it comes to handgun sights, increasing numbers of experienced shooters have discovered the advantage of tritium “night sights.”

When it comes to rugged dependability, many would have to search hard to find a better model than the TruGlo Tritium Pro. There are no batteries to fuss with or worry about, they don’t need to be switched on and off, and when other accessories might fail, these tritium sights deliver the goods.

Tritium is a gas that glows in the dark. It is housed in tiny “lamps” inserted into the body of the sight, which is made of steel. The technology has been around for years, and the sights just seem to get better as the calendar turns.

The guys who designed these sights are definitely aware of the kinds of conditions people can encounter on the streets. The Tritium Pro sights feature what they call a Fortress Finish. It’s a permanent protective coating that seems tough enough to stack up to all kinds of weather, including rain, sleet, snow, heat and dust.

TruGlo Tritium Pro sights are used by law enforcement, private security and a lot of armed citizens. They work on the streets, in dimly lit homes, on indoor gun ranges and outdoors in low light conditions.

The front sight features a Focus Lock ring for even faster sight acquisition in the daylight as well as the dark. The rear sight has a U-notch design and it has an angled front edge that aids in one-hand emergency slide operation.

An added bonus: these sights won’t require the purchase of a new leather, nylon or Kydex holster either.

Best of all, the TruGlo Tritium Pro is assembled here in the USA with Swiss Tritium for maximum brightness, something nobody appreciates until they need it. And with an MSRP of $108.00, they’ll fit just about everyone’s budget.

Check out these and other TruGlo accessories at Truglo.com.


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Retail Firearm Pricing Trends Now Available Through FFL Insight

Marketplace Insight and Orchid Advisors have launched FFL Insight to enhance retail firearm pricing decisions. FFL Insight is a subscription-based service, delivering national firearm pricing directly to dealers. Subscribers will receive a monthly e-report and have access to an online portal that provides category filters and sorting tools permitting customization relevant to their business.

“FFL Insight emerged after our team received a strong level of interest from firearm retailers who attended NSSF’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The subscription provides access to a simplified subset of a much larger firearm market intelligence product that is currently used by several of the industry’s largest manufacturers and wholesalers. The broader Marketplace Insight product permits advanced market analytics by geography, demographics and even offers statistical based forecasting models.”

Those who are seeking to optimize their inventory balances, customer acquisition levels and profits will benefit from this intelligence. There are several data elements included in the FFL Insight subscription:

• Condition (i.e., new or used)
• Category (i.e., pistol, revolver, rifles, suppressors and more)
• Subcategory (i.e., semi-automatic classifications)
• Manufacturer
• Model
• SKU and Average Price

“A business owner can only make instinctual decisions for so long,” said Ryan Nokes, director of Marketplace Insight. “Good data removes the guessing and helps you manage your business more effectively. With FFL Insight, firearm dealers will have the most comprehensive subscription-based pricing history in the industry.”

Dealers can subscribe to the new and used firearm pricing reports through the Orchid Advisors website: www.orchidadvisors.com/ffl-insight-retail. Firearm wholesalers or manufacturers seeking more in-depth information including geographic pricing, demographics, statistical based forecasting and custom analytics can learn more at www.marketplaceinsight.com.


Outtech Expands Presence To Support Retailers

Outtech has announced the nationwide expansion of its team. For 30 years, the Outtech team of sales and marketing personnel has worked with the industry retail and manufacturing leaders to grow and expand business throughout their sales territory. To offer partners a more comprehensive team, Outtech has expanded its presence to nationwide coverage.

“The Outtech team recognizes retailers in the western U.S. have different needs and the new expansion team will be tailored specifically to fit those,” said the company in a news release.

In an effort to develop the Western team outside the traditional model, Outtech officials outlined the company will use interactive live-streaming video, retail service support and Outtech’s Partners in Profit program.

Visit www.outtech-online.com


Zanders Sporting Goods and RSR Group are now carrying Breakthrough Clean’s entire line of cleaning and lubricant products throughout the U.S.

Eliminator Hunting Products Inc., makers of high quality waterfowl calls, are now being distributed through Sports South.

Wholesale distributor, RSR Group, has added the CellVault and Switchback product lines from Thyrm. Thyrm CEO Andrew Frazier said, “RSR will be a key player in effectively getting our products into dealers and therefore in front of consumers.”

Steyr Arms is now the exclusive U.S. importer and distributor of Austrian company Dschulnigg GmbH’s two European-made clothing lines — JAGDHUND and X JAGD. “We are very pleased to welcome the JAGDHUND and X JAGD brands into our portfolio of offerings for discerning American sportsmen,” said Scott O’Brien, Steyr Arms CEO. “Both of these clothing lines will appeal to hunters, outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who want the best clothing they can buy while differentiating themselves from the rest of the pack.”


Swarovski OPTIK NORTH AMERICA , a subsidiary of the Austrian-based company, will handle KAHLES sales and marketing efforts in North America. The companies have decided to work together to fully maximize business opportunities.

Don Coffey Company has been appointed by Winchester Safes to represent the company in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

Crosman Corporation has appointed Ferguson-Keller Associates Inc. as its representation for all categories in the 12 upper Mid-West and Great Lakes states.

Honor Defense has partnered with Wild West Marketing for sales in the 13 Western states and with Mainstream Marketing for representation in the “TALO” (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma) states. Steel Will Knives has also tapped Wild West Marketing as the sales team for the entire west coast.

Tactical Solutions has selected Kegley and Associates as sales agency of record for the Northeast territory.


Full-Throttle Communications, Inc. has been appointed agency of record for American Range Systems and will spearhead all marketing and public relations efforts.

DoubleStar Corp. has signed Laura Burgess Marketing to help build brand awareness through content development and management and well as writer relations. Additionally, Lyman Products has selected Laura Burgess Marketing for media placement and writer relations.



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Selling Defense Guns To Women: Perspectives From Successful Dealers

By Massad Ayoob

Women’s interest has been vital to recent pro-gun victories, and helpful to increasing gun sales. If you haven’t adjusted your product mix or approach to selling defensive products to women, now would be a smart time to start. Interest in personal defense has grown increasingly among women — and their earnest testimony in State Houses around the country has done much to spread the shall-issue concealed carry concept. They have also, obviously, increased the sales of firearms bought for purposes of personal and family protection.

In SI, you’ll find many articles on the subtleties of selling to female customers. Here, we add to the collection with perspectives from two dealers on opposite coasts who sell heavily to female clientele.



East Coast: Harry Beckwith’s Gun Shop

The Pickett family owns three gun shops in north central Florida: Pickett Weaponry in Newberry and Lake City, and the iconic Harry Beckwith’s in Micanopy, which they bought from the owner in 2006 shortly before his passing. Jack Pickett and his wife Michelle run the latter.

“Percentage of sales to women is close to 30 percent,” Jack relayed. “Michelle really built that business up. We do far more business with women in Micanopy than we do in Lake City or Newberry. A lot of it is simply having a knowledgeable female salesperson on staff.”

Michelle recommends getting involved with such groups as the Well Armed Woman and A Girl and A Gun. “Women’s gun groups definitely get women in the door, but by themselves they’re not the reason our business is going up,” Jack said. “The Well Armed Women group will have 15–20 women show up here for a meeting from a group over 100 strong, but only six or seven walk next door to our range and shoot. I think Michelle’s involvement in the gun groups and walking them through it is what counts.

“We also found women aren’t hesitant to spend money for quality and value. The only hindrance I find selling a high-dollar gun to a lady is if her husband is with her,” he added with a chuckle.

What are the best selling products for women at the store?

“The SIG 938 9mm and 238 .380 move very well with the ladies. Michelle points out their advantages to the customers: flat, light, easy to carry, very controllable and ‘shootable.’ If they’re comfortable carrying cocked and locked it’s one of the best systems you can get. Those are our two largest sellers to the women,” Jack relayed. “The .380 GLOCK 42 is the next best seller and just below, the S&W Shield 9mm. The Ruger LCP and Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380s, being double action only, don’t sell well to ladies after they’ve shot the rental specimens on our range.”
As to home-defense long guns, the Pickett’s report they’re selling a lot more MSR-style rifles to female shooters these days. Short-barrel shotguns remain surprisingly popular among the female clientele at Beckwith’s, too.

“More women buy 12-gauge than 20,” Michelle Pickett told SI. Jack added, “The big reason for this, I think, is we teach point shooting from the hip for close-range home-defense, and with the gun off the shoulder, recoil is less of a concern.”

Their single best-selling home defense shotgun for women is Mossberg’s economy-grade Maverick 88. “It’s the price point,” Jack mused.

Concealed carry is widespread in Florida, and Michelle sells a lot of the Can Can Concealment holsters. A huge seller for the Pickett shops among both genders is the Bullseye holster series. Jack told us, “Bullseye is a local company in Jacksonville making both IWB and OWB models in Kydex. The company sells us the blanks, and trained us to mold the holsters here. We tell our customers, ‘Whatever you have on we’ll make a holster to fit your gun.’ Everyone loves it.”


Women purchase firearms for more than just self defense. Here, Michelle Pickett
sells a high-quality hunting rifle to one of her many female customers.

West Coast: Ukiah Gun Shop

Last year, I visited Sonia Lau, vice president of Ukiah Gun Shop in Ukiah, Calif., which had recently opened in May. From the beginning, the store placed a strong emphasis on female clientele.

“We have a huge number of female CCWs here in Mendocino County, and they needed a place to put their guns,” she said. “We established a relationship with a women’s group affiliated with the Ukiah Gun Club. Lots of women do cowboy action and trap shooting here. We offer basic training for first-time purchasers. Our female clientele is now about 30 percent, and has grown since we opened.”

Sonia reported her strong sellers: “We have four really popular handguns among women: the S&W Shield, the BERSA Firestorm .380, the SIG P238 .380 and the Ruger LCR .38 Special revolver. The Shield is the single most popular, in 9mm.”

She added, “We sell a lot of long guns to female clientele — mostly shotguns, 20-gauge pumps. The light recoil sells the 20-gauge, often with youth stocks. Mossberg and Remington are the most popular. MSRs were really popular among our female clientele and were building a lot of momentum before they were banned at the end of 2016 here in California.”

For carry gear, “corset holsters” from Femme Fatale are the best seller to female customers. Designed for women, they hide subcompact handguns well on a variety of shapes under an equally wide variety of ladies’ fashions.

During my visit, Ukiah Gun Shop was heavily promoting a CCW class taught through the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department. “We have a good relationship with the Sheriff’s Department,” Sonia said. “Our Sheriff is pro-Second Amendment and has promised to continue to issue CCWs as long as he can. It’s pretty much ‘shall-issue’ here.”


Ruger LCR


Even in a still-male-dominated business, Ukiah Gun Shop and Harry Beckwith’s Gun Shop have flourished after earning a 30 percent female customer base. There were some common approaches in the way they conduct their business:

Gun-savvy women behind the counter, like Michelle Pickett and Sonia Lau, with whom female customers can relate and identify.

Staff who furnish women with guns to fit their hands, with controllable trigger pulls that don’t require strong fingers to shoot fast and well.
Concealment holsters in stock designed specifically for female shapes and wardrobes.

Emphasis on training to accompany the products they sell, to build skill with the tools their customers buy to protect themselves and their families.

These are some crucial ingredients in the formula for success in cultivating and responsibly serving this particular segment of the defensive firearms market — but there are others, of course. What strategies have served you well in growing your customer base? Let us know at comments@nullshootingindustry.com.

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2017 Law Enforcement And Tactical Product Showcase

Maximize Margins In This Segment!

By Jenna Buckley & Jade Moldae

The L.E./Tactical section continues to be the fastest-growing segment at SHOT Show. Each year, this section outfits law enforcement, SWAT, armed forces, special ops and armed security agencies with equipment tailored to their needs. As a brick-and-mortar dealer, you can carry these products to boost in-store traffic and equip your local L.E./military and tactical end users. This special themed showcase presents select products to help in your efforts.


Vortex Optics

(800) 426-0048

Vortex Optics introduces the Razor AMG UH-1 to its line of products. The Razor AMG UH-1 uses Vortex Optics’ proprietary technology to produce the first holographic sight to marry the durability, reliability and energy efficiency of red dot with the clear sight picture, zero-distortion and comprehensive reticle pattern of a holographic sight. Additionally, the Razor AMG UH-1 significantly reduces the common problem of thermal drift. Composed of hard-anodized aerospace aluminum and stainless steel, durability in the harshest environment is assured. It runs on a micro USB rechargeable LFP 123A or CR123A battery. ArmorTek coating protects exterior lenses.



(757) 436-3101

The Omnivore by BLACKHAWK! is a multi-fit holster designed to accommodate more than 150 styles of semi-autos with an accessory rail. The active retention mechanism locks onto the proprietary Rail Attachment Device, not the frame of the handgun. A thumb release disengages the locking mechanism when drawing the handgun and is adjustable to fit a user’s hand.



(801) 417-5384

SilencerCo introduces the Omega 45K, a versatile suppressor suited for several calibers: 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, 10mm, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .45 Long Colt and .300 BLK. It measures 6.36 inches in length, with a 1.48-inch diameter, and weighs 10.7 oz. The fully welded Omega 45K is full-auto rated and constructed with stellite and stainless steel.


Angel Armor

(970) 235-2961

The Truth Snap magnetic plate system from Angel Armor provides advanced handgun, rifle, stab and special threat protection. The two-piece design enables tiered protection from NIJ Level IIIA to NIJ Level III threats, including common rounds from the AK-47, 5.56 and .308. This modular ballistic defense system features two trauma plates: the Truth 47S (0.58 inches thick, available in Hexane Camo Light) and Truth 44S (0.25 inches thick, available in Hexane Camo Dark). Officers can snap the Truth 44S and Truth 47S plates together to create the Truth 308S, providing additional threat protection. A variety of sizes and cuts are available, ranging from 5×8 inches to 10×12 inches. The Truth Snap can be used in conjunction with Angel Armor’s RISE Concealable Armor System or other soft body armor vests.


Protech Tactical

(800) 347-1200

Protech Tactical, of the Safariland Group, has released the Tactical Shift 360, a high-speed plate rack system. The systems starts as a basic plate rack carrier with the ability to transition into a fully loaded tactical system for a variety of uses. FirstSpear Tubes modernize the armor carrier closure system, allowing ease-of-use of the Shift 360 carrier with a quick up or down single hand function. Attaching or detaching the system capitalizes on a user’s muscle memory, ideal for stressful or high-speed scenarios. The system ensures the cummerbund is always positioned in the same location — vital for proper ballistic coverage.


Kel-Tec Inc.

(321) 631-0068

Kel-Tec introduces the KSG-25 bullpup shotgun. It weighs 9.25 lbs., unloaded, and its dual tube magazines have a capacity of 10 (3-inch), 12 (2.75-inch) or 20 (1.5-inch) shells per tube. The KSG-25 sports a 30.5-inch barrel, with an overall length of 38 inches. A patented downward ejection system makes the KSG-25 truly ambidextrous. Further features include a Magpul RVG, front and rear MBUS Flip Up sights.


Black Rain Ordnance

(888) 836-2620

Black Rain Ordnance has introduced a series of left-handed products, with the BRO Left Handed Recon Scout one of the company’s entries in the line. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, the Recon Scout features a 16-inch lightweight 416R stainless steel barrel, 15-inch BRO SLM M-LOK handguard, Magpul MOE Grip and Mission First Tactical Minimalist buttstock. The left ejecting model is ideal for left-handed and left-eye dominant shooters.



(800) 347-1200

Bianchi has introduced the Model 155 Subversion IWB, a concealment holster with low-profile design and adjustable cant. The Subversion features antibacterial/anti-microbial foam padding for comfort and germ prevention/odor accumulation. The holster can fit up to 1.75-inch belt widths and is offered to fit 14 different firearms including Colt, GLOCK, Ruger, SIG SAUER, S&W and Springfield. It is available in a plain black finish.



(800) 972-2737

Americase announces the development of the AT-Transport Case. This case has been designed to carry breakdown plastic and soft-sided gun cases that cannot stand up to the demands of air travel. It fits a majority of breakdown cases currently available on the market. The AT-Transport case weighs 12 lbs. and its interior dimensions measure 37.875 x 13.5 x 5 inches.



(877) 333-1833

Designed for hunters and other outdoorsmen, the new TrackLock Tactical Hunter by FirstEdge features ELMAX stainless steel for high wear resistance, maximum corrosion resistance and stability to maintain size and form under heavy use. The 3.375-inch drop point blade is 0.132 inches thick and is available in a plain or partially serrated edge. The handles are coarse textured black G10 for a sure grip and total weight is 5.9 oz. It’s available with a choice of manual, assisted or fully-automatic opening.



(800) 627-3640

Designed for law enforcement use, Gold Dot G2 is the newest ammunition offering by Speer. Instead of a large cavity in the nose, Gold Dot G2 has a shallow dish filled with a high-performance elastomer. On impact, the material is forced into specially designed fissures to start the expansion process. The result is extremely uniform expansion, and more consistent penetration across barrier types, gun platforms and barrel lengths. Gold Dot G2 is available in the following: 9mm Luger, 147-gr.; .40 S&W, 180-gr.; .45 Auto 230-gr. This product is sold to L.E. agencies and individual officers only.


Blue Force Gear

(877) 430-2583

Blue Force Gear introduces the ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster representing the company’s first product for everyday carry. The lightweight holster exceeds military standard materials in tear and abrasion resistance while retaining versatility. ULTRAcomp laminate material allows the holster to comfortably and solidly secure and conceal a pocket pistol without being bulky. The holster is currently available to fit SIG SAUER P238/938, Kimber Micro GLOCK 42, and Ruger LCP/LCP2 pistols.


JP Enterprises

(651) 426-9196

With the redesigned GMR-15, JP Enterprises has taken the best of the GMR-13 platform and added more. Last round lockback, an improved magazine release and a flared magwell are the highlight features of the new receiver. The GMR-15 9mm is available as a complete carbine build with either the forged JP-15 or GMR-15 dual-charging upper, which includes the 9mm Silent Captured Spring standard. Designed with the needs of L.E. in mind, the GMR-15 accepts the same G17 pistol magazines as a GLOCK 9mm pistols for carbine/sidearm compatibility. Complete military and L.E. packages are available.


Daniel Defense

(866) 554-4867

The DD5V2 by Daniel Defense introduces a new offering in the .308 platform. Features include a four-bolt connection system — utilizing a unique barrel extension — optimized upper receiver, improved bolt carrier group, ambidextrous controls, a configurable modular charging handle and a cold-hammer-forged 18-inch barrel. It also has a Geissele SSA two-stage trigger for precise fire control. Including a DD Superior suppression device and 15-inch Picatinny top rail, the DD5V2 weighs just 8.6 lbs.


Lancer Systems

(610) 973-2600

Lancer’s MCX Handguards are an OEM carbon fiber replacement handguard for the SIG SAUER MCX. It offers approximately 40 percent weight reduction versus the OEM aluminum handguard. The MCX Handguard features M-LOK compatible slots at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, as well as 45-degree faces. The carbon fiber tube is quickly installed or removed for cleaning using the OEM take down pin. Extended versions clear most suppressors for improved ergonomics. It’s available in 10.5-, 12-and 18-inch lengths.


March Optics

(360) 676-3299

The MAR1071 scope by March Optics was specifically designed for the service rifle match shooter who shoots at various distances up to 600 yards and is easily applicable for L.E. use. Oversized tactical turrets allow for easy windage and elevation adjustments. The 4.5 x 24mm scope’s high quality ED lenses provide superior image resolution.


DoubleStar Corp.

(888) 736-7725

DoubleStar introduces the Wrath, a unique edged tool uniting the elements of a crash axe and tomahawk together to create a “CrashHawk.” Purpose-built, the Wrath combines a tool for close-proximity defense, chopping ability of an axe and multi-use functionality of a prying, splitting and breaching tomahawk. A scalloped spike increases penetration with the same slicing effect of serration, while the custom designed handle and texture provide reliable retention without abrasiveness. The Wrath weighs 2 lbs. 1 oz. and is 16.5 inches long.



(800) 347-1200

The Safariland Group has introduced the LE5 LITE body worn camera under the VIEVU brand. It’s an integrated body worn camera and cloud based evidence management system, utilizing the fifth generation VIEVU camera platform and The VIEVU Solution — VIEVU’s cloud based Digital Evidence Management System built on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. The VIEVU Solution is user friendly and quick to deploy, requiring only a website interface and an efficient registration process. Compact and extremely light, the LE5 LITE body worn camera weighs 2.6 oz. It’s also robust, able to operate in a variety of environments — ranging from -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.


Trijicon Inc.

(800) 338-0563

Trijicon launches the MRO PATROL, a combat-ready aiming solution for red-dot optics. The MRO PATROL adds lens covers at both the Ocular and Objective lens, while an ARD Kill Flash protects the user from unwanted detection at range or in bright conditions while eliminating glare. It includes eight brightness settings, including two night-vision-compatible options, plus one extremely bright setting for use with lights or in very bright conditions. Waterproof to 100 feet, chemical- and corrosion-resistant and housed in 7075-T6 aluminum, the MRO can withstand the rigors of combat, sub-zero mornings or bouncing between stages during a competitive shooting event.


Ontario Knife Co.

(800) 222-5233

In continued partnership with famed knife maker, Bob Dozier, Ontario Knife introduces its newest knife ideal for daily use, the OKC Dozier Strike. The folder has a slim, durable design featuring a 3.13-inch blade. The drop point blade is beveled to keep its edge and remain sharp. A thumb stud assists with easy opening and solid lock-back keeps the blade secure. G10 handles offer durability and secure grip in all conditions. The OKC Dozier Strike has an overall length of 7.25 inches.


Mission First Tactical

(267) 803-1517

Mission First Tactical has debuted a new line – Mission First Tactical Holsters. The holsters feature the use of Boltaron for uniform wall thickness, impact and scratch resistance and chemical and stretch/wear resistance. The holsters are fire retardant and resistant to cracking and deforming from harsh element exposure.


Heckler & Koch

(706) 568-1906

Heckler & Koch has announced the addition a threaded barrel model to the VP Tactical series of 9mm and .40 S&W. Except for the threaded barrels, the variant is identical to the standard VP series pistols; only the weight and lengths differ due to the longer and slightly heavier threaded barrel. The polygonal bore profile, with no traditional lands-and-grooves rifling, contributes to longer service life as well as a slight increase in muzzle velocity. Threaded barrels on the VP Tactical models do not use an O-ring assisted lockup as found on other HK Tactical handgun models.


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Ruger American Pistol Compact


Ruger announces the addition of the Ruger American Pistol Compact model. This model is chambered in 9mm and is available in both Manual Safety and Pro model configurations. With a 3.55-inch barrel, overall dimensions of 6.65 inches long, 4.48 inches high and a weight of 28.75 oz. with an empty magazine, the Ruger American Pistol Compact model shares all of the features of the duty-size Ruger American Pistol in a smaller, lighter, more concealable package. It ships in a hard case with small, medium and large replaceable grip modules and two nickel-Teflon plated steel magazines (one 17-round extended magazine and one 12-round compact magazine).

(203) 259-7843