Glock’s Blue Label Program: Is It For You?

For some time now, GLOCK’s Blue Label Program has been available to selected dealers. According to GLOCK, the purpose of this program is “to support those who protect and serve communities across the U.S. and around the world.” Those who qualify are able to receive a discount on any GLOCK pistol of their choice. Some of the advantages for participating dealers in this program aren’t obvious, so let’s explore some of the benefits of being a Blue Label dealer.

To be eligible for this program, your establishment has to already be a GLOCK Stocking Dealer. There’s no specific minimum or maximum number of GLOCKs that can be ordered under the Blue Label program. Blue Label dealer status is determined in part by whether or not your area is already serviced in this respect. Blue Label pistols are the same as ordinary GLOCKs — all models and calibers allowed in the U.S. — with the program named after the distinctively colored box sticker, which marks the given pistol as designated for this program.

The public safety professionals listed below can purchase two GLOCKs at Blue Label pricing per calendar year — typically $75 to $100 off the retail price, depending on the model. In addition, private citizens who belong to the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) can purchase one gun a year at the same price. To be eligible, a GSSF member has to sign up for a two-year membership; new members receive one coupon per year.

Professionals Eligible For Blue Label Pricing (Courtesy of GLOCK)

• Sworn L.E. officers, including Federal, State, County and City*
• EMTs, firefighters, volunteer firefighters and paramedics
• Military personnel, including reservists and National Guard with I.D.*
• Corrections officers, including parole and probation officers
• State licensed security companies (Loomis, RAM, etc.), state-licensed armed security officers are also included
• Court judges, district attorneys and deputy district attorneys
• L.E. academy cadets with enrollment documentation from the academy
*Includes L.E./Military personnel with “retired” credentials

Discount Rates And Profit Factors

I recently sat down with Bob Radecki, GLOCK national sales manager, and Chris Edwards, GLOCK range manager/instructor, to get more information on the program.

“Blue Label is a sub-distribution program. It’s mainly offered as a courtesy to our law enforcement customer base, and to all others who serve as emergency first responders. It’s also a benefit for members of the GSSF,” Radecki explains.
Eligible customers get a significant discount thanks to this program.

“A normal Gen4 GLOCK 17 would carry a suggested retail price of $639. The retail price for the same pistol in the Blue Label Program would be $425. Wholesale cost to an FFL dealer for the same gun would be $475 for commercial sale, and $385 for a gun to sell to police,” Radecki added.

Some dealers have declined to explore the Blue Label program because of the lower margins. Using the figures above, gross profit on a standard purchase GLOCK sold at retail would be $164, and only $40 on a gun bought and sold through the Blue Label program. Not exactly appetizing, especially during times when you can easily sell every GLOCK you can get into your shop at MSRP.

However, there are also those times when gun sales lag. There’s also the fact probably every local dealer you’re competing with can buy GLOCKs at wholesale. If you’re the only dealer in your area giving the Blue Label discount, this means you — instead of your competitors — will be selling and making a profit on guns to the Blue Label market. Suddenly, this makes the Blue Label option more attractive, and of course, it comes with the goodwill generated among the public safety market.


GLOCK offers its Blue Label program for sales to police, military,
other first responder professions and GSSF members.

Benefits Of Blue Label From Dealer’s Experiences

At The Gun Store in Conway, S.C., co-owner David Floyd says his store has been a part of the Blue Label Program for the past three years, with good results.

“My business partner Jason Wallace and I entered the industry five years ago from military and L.E. backgrounds, and thought this program would be a natural fit. It’s a pretty small percentage of our business, less than 10 percent of handgun sales. For us, Blue Label isn’t mentioned in our ads and they’re not on display with the other firearms. Frankly, I’m not sure whether they’re supposed to be,” he said.

Floyd said his store uses the Blue Label Program as a way to honor local public service professionals.

“We have it as a perk for L.E., military, fire and EMS. Our only advertising for Blue Label is through word of mouth locally with all the departments. It’s grown from where we started, from three to five guns a month to now over 20 sometimes. The margin is really low. I tell my sales guys to offer it to known ‘guardians,’ but to not ask everyone what they do. We worry someone who doesn’t qualify may ask his eligible buddy up the street to buy it for him, and generate a straw purchase,” he said.

Dave Floyd says he would recommend Blue Label to other dealers who can get approval. “It’s kind of like selling hunting licenses: In our state you only make a couple of percentage points — and it’s a wash on credit cards — but you’re hoping the guy will buy something while getting the license. With Blue Label, we’re hoping the customer will shoot at our indoor range or buy some ammo for his new GLOCK.”

Marsha Rath, manager at Midwest Sporting Goods in the Chicago suburb of Lyons, Ill., said she’s had Blue Label for three or four years.

“It’s working pretty good so far,” she said. “In order: L.E., security and some military are our largest buyer groups eligible for the Blue Label program. We also get occasional TSA, EMTs and firefighters. GSSF customers make up a small percentage of Blue Label sales. We think it has brought in customers we might not have had otherwise. Many are referrals; typically, a recruit will spread the word to the rest of the class.”

Occasionally, Blue Label sales rise to the level where Midwest runs out of stock and has to re-order.

“There’s no real downside to the program,” Rath said. “GLOCKs are our biggest seller in general. About 20 to 30 percent of the GLOCKs we sell are Blue Label. The G19 is probably the most popular since many departments around here make their new officers start with 9mm, and many security companies limit their armed personnel to 9mm. Some of the security companies will help them pay for the gun, taking money out of their check every week.”

In the end, while the Blue Label program may not fit every dealer’s business plan, there are obviously many who are happy with it. If you think it might fit your business model, you can look into the details at
By Massad Ayoob

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Supporting Cause Campaigns Brings Benefits

Reaching out to a younger generation is one of the major challenges in the shooting industry today. As a whole, the Millennials population is projected to surpass the Baby Boomers to be the largest living population today. They’ve proven to be a bit elusive as consumers, and older business models have struggled to catch up to their lifestyle and values. A core value of Millennials as a whole is they are passionate about making a difference in the world — and this is one of the ways the industry can attract and retain Millennials as customers.

Products supporting a cause are a win-win situation for female Millennials. TOMS’ shoes have become enormously popular because people know when they buy a pair of TOMS, they’re helping provide needed resources to struggling populations. The self-defense industry has also taken on this challenge. SABRE Red has partnered with Kuros! — a company dedicated to providing women in developing nations with personal-defense tools — to make pepper spray a part of womens’ self-defense plans across the globe.

Kuros! founder Kuro Tawil was inspired to make a difference while traveling the world and he became aware violence against women is a worldwide problem. Tawil determined pepper spray was legal in many countries, but most women couldn’t afford to purchase it. The idea for Kuros! was born, and he began raising funds by selling products to support pepper spray “drops” in developing nations. Kuros! coordinates with local non-profits to make sure the pepper spray reaches the women who need it most. Successful product drops have already been completed in India and South Africa, and more are planned for the near future.

Once SABRE Red learned of Kuros! goal to protect and empower women, the company knew they could support Kuros! by creating a special key case pepper spray with a quick release key ring. The unique teal color of the Kuros! pepper spray makes it stand out, and proceeds from each Kuros! pepper spray sold will go to help provide women with pepper spray who otherwise couldn’t afford it. So every woman who buys Kuros! pepper spray will not only be taking steps to protect herself, she’ll also be helping a woman in another part of the world be more safe.

To order Kuros! in bulk for your store, contact Aimee Johnson, SABRE Red national sales manager, at


SABRE Red partnered with Kuros! to produce a pepper spray keychain to benefit
women around the world. Proceeds from each purchase will provide women with
pepper spray of their own — so your customers can protect themselves while
empowering others.

Use Your Store To Promote Local Organizations

Sponsoring a specific charity promotes your business in a positive light to your community and will allow you to reach a new audience. Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Spokane, Wash., chooses a different local organization each month and asks customers if they would like to round up their change to support the group. Jeremy Ball, Sharp Shooting sales and merchandising manager, said it’s easy to do and customers have been very supportive of this round up program.

This is a great way to focus support of local organizations and zero-in on your specific community’s needs. When selecting a group to support, be sure to choose what appeals to a broad base of customers. For example, a local children’s hospital, Wounded Warriors, service groups or public service organizations appeal to everyone. Also, because Millennials are avid users of social media, post how much money was raised on your social media accounts so your customers can see the difference they’re making in their community.

Another option is to host a charity shoot to benefit a cause your women customers would like to support. Bill Pellegrino’s Archery Hut teams up with Karen Butler’s Shoot Like a Girl to hold an “I Shoot For The Girls” Fe-Mail-in Tournament, which starts in October and lasts several months. Hosted by clubs, leagues and businesses across the country, archers have a chance to compete on an international level in a fun, mail-in tournament. All of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). New for 2015, I Shoot for the Girls will also incorporate firearms into the tournament.

When hosting an event for charity, if there are product tie-ins to support it, be sure to have those products on hand. For example, if you host “I Shoot for the Girls” at your range, be sure to stock products to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Victory Archery offers VAP, VForce and Pink Bolt arrows which are part of the Pink Arrow Project and a portion of the proceeds go to NBCF. Pink Lumenok lighted nocks also donate a portion of their proceeds to the Pink Arrow Project. Both would be perfect to sell during the “I Shoot for the Girls” tournament.


Look to carry products that benefit charities, such as
Spyderco’s Squeak Lightweight Pink SLIPIT.

Pink Sales Power

Pink products that support breast cancer awareness are another way to reach out to young women. Almost every woman’s life has been touched by cancer in some way, and women are more than eager to support organizations that help fight the disease. Since next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a plethora of products will be available to donate a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research. Most of them will be pink or sport the pink ribbon, and some will only be available for a limited time during October.

Some products you might consider highlighting are pocketknives from Benchmade and Spyderco. The Benchmade Pink Griptilian sports their AXIS locking system with ambidextrous thumbhole or stud and a 2.91-inch stainless steel blade. Benchmade donates a portion of the profits from the sale of this knife to the Oregon Health and Science University Breast Cancer Institute in Portland, Ore., to benefit their breast health education program. The Spyderco Squeak Lightweight Pink SLIPIT sports a 2-inch non-locking blade, a thumbhole opener and a wire pocket clip. A portion of all sales of this knife is donated to Pink Heals, a charity providing direct support to women battling all forms of cancer.

Actively supporting organizations that reflect the core values of your business, whether it’s through charitable purchases or events, creates an image of your business as a positive influence in the community. In addition, it reflects the values of Millennials who strongly believe in making a difference. Women will feel good about their purchases or participation because they are helping someone else and building a community.
By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

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Savage Axis II Review Begins

This Savage Axis II retails for $475 and comes loaded — with features, that is. Synthetic stock (lightweight, durable), Weaver Kaspa 3-9×40 scope (clear, bright, dead-on), adjustable AccuTrigger (light, crisp, sure). It looks tactical and I suppose it is, to a degree, but truly it’s an entry-level hunting rifle. Except for that it’s also perfect for those of us who are beyond entry level, whether or not we have the mounted heads and antlers to prove it.



The detachable box magazine holds four rounds. I loaded up at the range with Hornady Match 168 gr A-MAX. And I fired off several mags’ worth, enjoying all the Axis II features. I had my two sons — age 16 and 17 — fire off several as well. A .308 is a big round but eminently shootable when the gun firing it is easy to hold and offers a decent pad on the stock. Which this Axis II does. Also, the Savage’s 22” carbon steel barrel points confidently and easily. I expected a lot more drama when firing this gun but instead I just got a big pushback into my shoulder and was rewarded with holes in my target. My sons fared similarly and immediately asked about preparing for the upcoming deer season. I told them to hang on a sec.


Cycling the bolt was smooth and sure, with spent brass chucking out near or far, depending on how fast I pulled the bolt handle up and back. The safety, mounted on center, under the path of the bolt, easily and silently clicked on and off with a push or pull of my thumb.


I’m going to have my sons run some additional rounds through it and check it’s zero on a paper target at hunting distances. Then we’ll hope for the best when gun season comes along this Fall. That’s when the real review begins.

To be continued…

—Mark Kakkuri

New Product Of The Day: Blackhawk Serpa Holster

Four new SERPA holsters, including one for the new GLOCK 43, were recently introduced by BLACKHAWK! The three other models of the SERPA holster accommodate popular military and law enforcement duty pistols. All four holsters meet the demand for carry options for slim-framed, personal protection pistols and full-size duty pistols. SERPA holsters are also available for the FNH FNS 9/40, SIG SAUER P250/P320, full-size and compact pistols chambered in 9mm/.40 S&W/.45 ACP/.357 Magnum, CZ 75/75B/75 SP-01 Shadow/85B in 9mm/.40 S&W and the EAA Witness TA 95 chambered in .45 ACP.

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New Product Of The Day: Crimson Trace LG-443

The Laserguard LG-443 (red) and LG-443G (green) laser sights fit onto GLOCK’s new Model 43 semi-auto pistol. They can also be used with GLOCK’s Model 42. The Laserguard LG-443 and LG-443G feature Crimson Trace’s proprietary Instinctive Activation, adjustments for windage and elevation and easy installation onto the firearm’s existing triggerguard without any gunsmithing.

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New Product Of The Day: LaserMax Light

LaserMax Inc. has partnered with Beretta to produce a LaserMax-equipped Beretta Pico with a red laser (LMS-PICO-R) or light (LMS-PICO-L).

 The Beretta Pico and LaserMax frame combinations will be offered as completed firearm assemblies as well as sold separately as an upgrade to the base model. In both LaserMax configurations, the light source, electronics and power supply are encased within the dust cover area, seamlessly fusing the functional optics with the pistol housing and adding no bulk to interfere with concealment.

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New Product Of The Day: Kershaw Knives

A series of Duck Commander ProStaff-endorsed knives is now available from Kershaw Knives. The new series includes four pocketknives and an ax: the Rayne (model 7402CD) with a classic clip-point blade, a steel-and-G-10 handle and reversible pocketclip; Bisland (model 7422DC) with a 3.24-inch blade and a reversible, deep-carry pocketclip; Dunbar (model 7420DC) with a drop-point blade and a deep-carry pocketclip; Tickfaw (model 7418DC) with a 2-inch blade; and
the Quax (model 7400DC), an ax with a duck-shaped head, a solid full-tang construction and sure-grip textured handle.

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New Product Of The Day: Smith & Wesson Suppressor

The M&P22 Compact Suppressor Ready model is equipped with a supplemental thread adaptor and packaged with the required installation tools to allow owners to quickly and easily add the suppressor of their choice.

Based on the M&P22 Compact rimfire pistol, the new model incorporates a variety of features inherent to the design of the full-size M&P centerfire pistol in a smaller, suppressor-ready version. The lightweight pistol is built on a polymer frame with an aluminum alloy slide and carbon steel barrel. It comes pre-packaged with installation tools. For consumers who already own an M&P22 Compact, a stand-alone sound suppressor adaptor kit is also available. The kit includes a thread adaptor, wrench and thread protector.

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